A good cause

People doing charity work is always outstanding and I’m always in awe of these people, however when a child want to raise money and do completely selfless act it just amazing, especially when it involves loosing something they love.

Meet Mariam a 6 year girl, who has been growing her beautiful black hair ever since she fell in love with Rapunzel’s hair after watched Tangled. She heard about the Little Princess trust and wanted to do something to help the children who had lost their hair through illness, it mad her feel sad.
So to raise money Mariam wants to cut 10″ off her hair to be made into a wig…..

How amazing is this wee girl? She follow’s after her beautiful and amazing Mammy who also have a big warm heart.

Mariam would love to raise 350pounds (I really can not find my pound sign on the keyboard)

Can you help? Will you help?

Click on Mariam’s photo to go to her Just Giving page


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