For crying out loud

Do you ever have days where you feel like your just a walking disaster? Everyday feels like this too me lately , in my weekend post I mention I was just one illness away from a breakdown…well guess what..Miss C has an ear infection and Broncilitis. I seriously just can not believe the day I’ve had, nothing major in the grand scheme of things, I’m aware there are others around the world experiencing tragedy but how I’ve stopped myself from breaking down is beyond me..OK so we won’t count the tears during LPV’s parent/teacher meeting.

I was so looking forward to it, 15 minutes of Miss N telling me how wonderful my child is, she did and he is wonderful. However when I came out I felt desperate, where have I failed my poor boy, apparently he’s not as advanced as the others when it comes to coordination, meaning he struggles with the cross crawl……This

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Also he’s having trouble with drawing a circle, he can draw one but he draws continuous circles not just one on its own and apparently it’s a huge deal for school assessments here. Now I feel even more pressure, I know this year hasn’t been the best for him, so many changes in his wee little life, a new sister, new nursery, new place to live. I’m disappointed in myself that I let him down, that he apparently feel self-conscious in front of his peers, it’s difficult this parenting malarky you tread water thinking you’re doing ok and then something or someone take the wind out of your arm bands. To be honest I’m not going to make a huge deal of these things at home, I taking on board whats been said and I will do exercises/movement with him at home I don’t want him to feel self-conscious, I want him to know he’s brilliant but will alway be amazing to us regardless of whether he can put his farking elbow on his knee. Right now I want to say fark you to the whole education system here and keep him at home with me. However I know how much fun he has there and the changes I’ve seen in him are amazing. I am mad too are all the other 13 children in the class that flippin perfect?? I doubt it but I wonder how many other mothers came away from the place feeling like I do.

Tomorrow’s another day


4 thoughts on “For crying out loud

  1. andy1076 says:

    You aren’t alone on this feeling, To be honest, I dread PTA meetings. I know how this sounds but I doubt the other 13 kids are perfect, very sure the teacher has made observations about them too 🙂

  2. Granma Obrien says:

    Now iam telling you for the last time . Not all bloody children are the same they develop at a different pace some are good at dressing themselves talking . Expressing their emotions etc .if all children done everything at the same time life would be bloody boring . You absolutely amaze me with what you do with liam .He can count recognise letters recite the alphabet and has an amazing memory so stop putting yourself down you are not letting your son down . As he gets older he will pick different stages up .does it really matter at this age if he cant draw a circle I dont think so

  3. mumof4 says:

    Sorry the wee lady is sick 🙂 Hope the drugs kick in asap and she is less grouchy.
    Now let’s breathe after the parent teacher conference. The woman (teacher) is assessing him based on what? What she has to tick off each child can do? For the 2013 ‘this is it’ kids’ tests? Load of bollocks.
    I probably couldn’t do that test unless I concentrated totally hard. I am not a coordinated person – but I still have my degree etc. Oh and I felt for you with the circles…. my youngest two were told by their teachers (aged 5) that there were major issues as they couldn’t keep their crayon on the race track (imagine drawing a sideways number 8)… was a HUGE issue for the teachers. They both write well now – totally worry mongering. Oh and they were also concerned my then 5 year old would walk down stairs wanting to put his feet together on each step rather than just one step per foot… he grew some and walks up and down steps fine all day long now…but he didn’t conform on THEIR criteria at the right time. It is so unfair that they assess kids like this. I know the ‘race track’ figure 8 shite is now ‘not in fashion’ and no longer used……
    So take it all with a pinch of salt. We’ll all get our kids there. Still wearing diapers/nappies in high school and you’ll maybe listen to their words of wisdom. I know the teachers want to help and look out for ‘warning signs’ but they can be a tad over zealous sometimes. YOU know your child way better. xxx

    • Expat Mammy says:

      The race track 8’s are used here but they’ve renamed them “lazy 8’s “, I wish he wasn’t so much pressure at the moment. I will appeal if they don’t accept him as the grounds are ridiculous and he’s got another 10 months to develop these skills. It makes my blood bill, thanks so much for commenting and for you kind words

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