If you haven’t heard of Dinovember then you’ve seriously been living under a rock, or maybe even a fossil. You need to read this, parents that wanted to stretch their children’s imagination, so they convinced them that their plastic dinosaurs were coming to life and getting upto all sorts of mischief while the children slept.
It’s pure genius, I’ve decided to join in, LPV has always used his imagination but now he’s at an age where he’s using it in play. Turning the couches into ships because the sharks are coming, believing in Santa. So by taking part I want to feed his imagination more, plus to be honest I’m not sure who’s having the most fun me or him.
So we’re only on day 2 am I’m getting so excited as to what to plan for day 3, it’s fun for both of us, especially if you’ve had a crapy day it’s putting the laugh back into it.

Anyway here’s day 1 Dino antics, they were caught being good and practicing the numeracy skills


Day 2 antics, toilet papering each other, triceratops didn’t want to get his frill and horns wet


T-Rex brushes his nashers, I hope he doesn’t try and eat triceratops



2 thoughts on “Dinovember

  1. Natasha says:

    Clearly I’ve been living under a rock because I haven’t heard of this but I absolutely love it….so creative!! Looking forward to seeing more pics x

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