I’ve neglected my blog again lately, I’ve really no excuse this time as my iMac arrived the other day…However LPV has commandeered it for watching episodes of Little Einsteins oh what joy. Anyhoo, to be honest I really didn’t want to write just a bunch of doom and gloom as over the past two weeks I’ve been one lost villa and batch of tonsilitis close to having a major breakdown. Yes we’ve lost two villas since the last time I posted about “canal gate“.

Through poor excuses for humans agents and extremely greedy landlords we’ve lost two, I was seriously naive to how greedy some people on this earth can be until now, it seem the more money you have the more your consumed by having more, its sad. We’re trying to keep our spirits up, 75% of family expat has been ill the past week so uplifted spirits has been slightly difficult to maintain, snotty noses, tonsillitis, teething, nappy rash, croupy coughs…you name it, we’ve had it. Well apart from me….so I’m just waiting for the nappy rash to hit hard

However it’s been an action packed weekend, expatdaddy has finally agreed to buy me a kitchen aid *does wee dance* plus there’s been concerts and golf. Last night I went to see Alicia Keyes in Dubai media city amphitheatre , I have to say I’ve liked a few of her song but never really got over excited about them, however I’ll be damned this girl can sing…what a live performance. Her voice is jut simply amazing, she’s so talented, she put on a fabulous performance but both myself and my friend Jess agreed the outfit she chose to said performance was quite disastrous. I think the back drop to the gig was just fantastic too, it’s a great place to hold a gig here and it was perfect autumnal Dubai evening. By perfect I mean you could where jeans without having to peel them off and your hair looking like one of the supremes.


click image for photo source

click image for photo source

Today we went to the DP world tour championship “Race to Dubai”  it was fun, LPV and EPD went off to watch a wee bit while Miss C and I had a beer sat on the grass, there was a great kiddies area which was shaded and there was where we stay until the sun went down. LPV and EPD joined before hand LPV ran around like the duracell bunny having been cooped up in the hotel room ill over the last few days. Him and his friend “munch” got their grove on to the live band, we had fish and chips and came home. However it was obviously too much excitment for LPV who after been given his antibiotics and brushed his teeth.. proceed to barf all over the bedroom floor. Now when your staying in a serviced apartment there isn’t many cleaning products, I have washing up liquid, washing powder and surface spray. So I improvised by squirting hand soap and scrubbed like a mad woman with a hotel towel..classy.

Miss C meets potential husband

Miss C meets potential husband

A very giddy LPV

A very giddy LPV

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