Safe & Sound

Bangers, knockers, bazooka’s boobies!(No I don’t have Tourette’s)
Your boobs are precious and should be looked after. During the month of October the citizens of Dubai have been busy raising awareness if a very good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness. The Safe & Sound campaign has been a year long campaign to education women and men on the facts of this god awful disease. Clinics here have been giving discounted mammograms, bake sales, book sales, pink days at schools have been happening all over the city. I think LPV’s nursery school were the only school not dressed in orange & black for Halloween they had to go in pink. These events are trying to encourage people to open their eyes, realise it could be them and to check themselves.
Today (Even though it’s now November) was the “Pink Walkathon” in conjunction with Burjuman shopping centre. Literally thousands upon thousands of men, women and children, a sea of pink & white hit Zabeel park to raise money for this great cause.

We dragged ourselves from our slumber…we’ll actually Miss C decided slumber was to end at 4:30am this morning, so needless to say we actually got to an event on time! Donned our free T-shirts and caps and got our pink groove on. It was was hot but everyone was in high spirits!
A really great way to spend a morning!
Have you checked your boobies recently?





2 thoughts on “Safe & Sound

  1. mumof4 says:

    Excellent post. My boys often pick ‘pink things’ and when I question it (bad mummy) they tell me it is always for breast cancer awareness.
    My friend is having major surgery later this month – it’s caught in time but thank goodness she checked her boobs otherwise the outcome would perhaps be even worse.

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