So far it’s not been the greatest week, on the plus side expat daddy got his Dubai residency so it was a step in the right direction.

So we started to look for villas so we can finally settle down, someone asked me on Facebook the other day how many times I had moved. Including every single move we made, I’ve move 11 times in the 10 years so you can understand us wanting to be settled in the “right place”.

We found a couple of villas both were beautiful but for us the 2nd one we viewed felt like it could really be our home. We were so excited and got the ball rolling on the copious amount of bullshit paperwork, that needs to be done from all parties involved. Stamps on this piece, verification on that, photocopies of your arse, that sort of thing.

Then I met with a friend for coffee before school, I was telling her all about it the location etc. Just check its not where the canal is going to be….Umm say what now?

Yep so they’re build a canal right through the middle of Dubai, I’m sorry I’ve had enough of farking canals to last me a lifetime. So they’re building it, right thought the street our wee family home is on. However it’s not for another 3 years, no, wait 5 years, no 3 years, in typical Dubai style know one knows what the fark is going on. To be honest part of the reason we moved back here is that we’d stay longer term and NOT live for “in a couple of years”. We were coming back and we were planning for the longer, that means decorating, doing the garden etc. Everywhere we’ve lived it’s been well we won’t do that as we might be gone next year….blah blah blah.

So you can imagine our disappointment to find out that if we took this villa we’d have to move again but who knows when. I don’t want uncertainty for my kids anymore I want put down some roots, ok albeit in someone else’s property but put down roots all the same.

So after a lot of thinking….we decided on what was best for US and OUR family and let the property go. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with our decision as paperwork had been done etc for that I feel bad but my kids come before anybody. To be honest the whole thing has left a nasty taste in my mouth for reasons I won’t go into. After finding out the canal route, I ended up with anxiety attacks, dramatic I know but this whole situation of moving to Dubai has been plaguing my life since March…on again, off again, visa, no visa. I just want to be settled and get on with some exciting things that are in the pipeline for me/us.

Now it’s back to the drawing board but what’s meant to be is meant to be, hopefully we’ll find a property that isn’t going to have boats sailing through it while I’m cooking dinner.


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