Family beach fair

Last week was Eid al Adha, Eid al-Adha and is of huge importance to Muslims as it honors the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his only son to God.

It’s a big deal, a national holiday, always lots of fun activities going on everywhere, including the Duball mall opening for 24 hours, straight! Of course this was my personal favourite.

We decided on the Beach family fair, that was being held on Jumeirah beach in Umm Sequim, everyday!

It was fun, families of all Nationalities, religion, sizes and ages gathered there for just some good wholesome fun in the still ridiculously hot sun. Activities for ages were available, water sports, volleyball for the Maverick & Goose wannabes, inflatable fun for the kids and food stalls another personal favourite, which actually included Poffertjes, which we loved from our time in Holland.

At the moment we are completely ruled by Miss C and her stomach so had to come and go at the strangest of times, so unfortunately missed the grand hoorah fireworks at 9pm every night. For me keeping the kids in some sort of bedtime routine is important at the moment, I’m not a routine obsessed mammy but we’re moving again soon and to be quite frank the bedtime routine is pretty much the only normality they have right now. We did however go back the following day for a sunset dip.




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