There’s been so many changes in our lives this year all have been good so far, one particularly amazing…..Miss C! What I’ve always admired about my son was his ability to take all changes and our traveling in his stride, kids are resilient anyway but he just blows me away with his coping mechanisms.

So you can imagine my worry for him now, he’s struggling at the moment bless him. He’s settled in his nursery school FS1 class and loves his teacher! I think the routine of going everyday is brilliant for him. However he’s getting upset and confused he keeps telling people he’s going to Dubai, he often cries when we leave the apartment and then when we’re out he cries that he doesn’t want to go back to the “room”. I kind of made a conscious effort not to call this place our home, as its not, we’ll be moving again to our house in a few weeks! Was this a good idea? I don’t know….

He is also at a stage of his development where he’s pushing the boundaries….oh my days I’ve never known a child to always have the last word like my son, sometimes it takes every ounce of will power I have not to laugh at his responses and continue with my cross face! a wee warning to all you first time Mammies, you’ll feel relieved coming to the end of the terrible two’s, don’t be lured into a false pretense as the farking three’s are coming to get you big time!

Luckily we have really lovely temporary accommodation, it’s a small apartment rather than a basic hotel room. I’ve a washer/dryer, over/hob and a full sized fridge so I can do home cooked meals but mama has room service on speed dial when she can’t be arsed
we’ve had a busy day!
It’s all ceramic tiles so Miss C is sliding around at a rate of knots, I turn around and she’s biting at my ankles!

We’ve got two water babies so being able to use the hotel pool and private beach is fab, LPV can doggy paddle a whole width and Miss C is usually less than impressed when I dunk her under!
I think we all prefer the pool to the beach no one likes sandy privates, although Miss C does like to eat her way through the beach!

There’s an awesome crèche/playroom, which is a serious god send as we are very thin on the toy front! However thanks to my friend who’s lent us her jumperoo, the wee girl is in bouncing heaven! I can leave them there but I think they both need me more than I need some free time at the moment, so I stay and play too

The first week, I came in all guns blazing, wanting the kids to do clubs etc, however I’ve knocked this on the head, we’ve all the time in the world and most importantly we need to settle, we all need to give ourselves a break, we’ve been so busy and here there & everywhere. So it’s ok if we relax!





2 thoughts on “Adapting

  1. Grandma O'B says:

    And relax you must plenty of time to do other things when your in your new home .LPV will settle But it will take time once he has his own room and his toys around him . Missing you all like mad love you all xxxxxxxxxx

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