The Internet can be a terrible thing when you have kids, trying to safeguard them is a nightmare, LPV is obsessed with watching Thomas on you tube and gets really upset when I say no.

I really don’t like the fact you simply can not control what he’s watching, even if you compile a play list he still has access to other videos. Even the Thomas ones can be really dodgey, he clicked on one the other day with worse language than an episode of South Park, then there’s the video of Thomas repeatedly say the word potatoes….WTF? If it was up to me he’d never had been introduced to You tube but unfortunately it was done when I wasn’t present in the situation….

So I’m trying to find other apps to grab his attention, as he does spend a lot of time on the iPad due to the amount of travel we do. I searched the web and app stores looking for ways to make you tube safe but with no success, however I did find Toddle tube, it’s an app that contains videos from you tube of children’s favorite TV series, best thing about it? The videos have been vetted already. I’m probably really slow of the mark with this app but I’m delighted I found it, especially as you don’t need Internet to make it work and for 69p it is worth it.

Anyway here’s a few of our favourites for you

Disney junior Appisodes: this is fab and you can speak to the app to make it work! Don’t know who’s had more fun with it.

Mr Potato Head: Brilliant app, although when I got it the app was free but I think you have to pay now

Cbeebies: Good old Cbeebies, LPV loves alpha blocks so this app is great

Elmo ABC: Great for learning letters however the Zed & Zee is a bit tricky to explain to a 3 yr old

Babogbear:For you Irish speakers out there, LPV loves this app, he has a babog bear to play with so this app is great. EPD is fluent in Irish and went to Irish speaking school so we want LPV to learn too. EPD is already talking too and reading to him so this app is a great tool in assisting him learn and me too


2 thoughts on “Apps

  1. freebutfun says:

    I think we are a bit old school: we don’t have that problem yet. We simply haven’t let our kids surf on their own. If we can’t watch with them, then DVD’s it is 😉 But I am sure the time will come, so thanks for the tips that may save us a few grey hairs! (And happy to read I am not the only one who thinks not all “kids programmes” are actually suitable for toddlers!

  2. MsXpat says:

    we are also slowly getting into the world of Apps. Angelo enjoys MR Potato head too. He’s also a big Thomas fan so hubby found a few app that include colouring and puzzle building

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