New York with kids

We’ve just come from THE most amazing 10 day trip to Long Island New York, we stayed in suburbia but had a few trips into Manhattan and lots of other places in NY. It’s about an hour on the train from where we were staying but as I’ve a wee train fan that really wasn’t a problem. Now they say New Yorker’s are rude and unfriendly but I have to say I didn’t feel that one bit, I’d say I felt more hostility in Holland than I did in New York. To be honest I’d live there in a heartbeat, of course I’m not that naïve that I think life would be the same as a holiday, having lived in a couple of tourist cities you tend to get used to it. I loved staying in Seaford ,it is representing the American dream, white picket fences, children playing in the street, basket ball hoops everywhere. I was quite envious about the sense of community, the friendliness and lovely manners of most people.

FAO Schwarz

We visited the toy store that was featured in the movie Big, it was cool, I’d been there before and had found it overrated, however visiting the place with a child is so much better. Of course we spent most of our time in the Thomas section, ridiculously expensive too. However we had fun on the huge piano and LPV had a blast running up and down on it. They take your photo as a souvenir but $22 for an over exposed photo is too steep, even for me. It is  a must see if you are going to New York with kids, its heaven on earth for them.


Central Park

A haven in one of the busiest cities in the world, I’ve always loved it there but I’d never explored the park as much as we did. We took a picnic, re fuelled and walked for absolute miles. We walked to Strawberry fields to see the John Lennon memorial, visited the fountain, got ice creams. It’s just one big movie and tv programme set, at the fountains I could see the lake where Carrie and Big fell into. The lake from Big Daddy, so many famous scenes, I was probably more excited than LPV but a wide open space to run and he’s happy as a pig in poop! There’s a Zoo, carousel and of course in winter you can ice skate so plenty to do with children.


Apple picking in the Hampton’s

This an awesome idea of M’s, we had taken LPV in Holland but he was a little too young to appreciate it. He had a blast he had a wee trailer and even picked the apple in the way the owner told them “twist 3 times and pull mammy”. The farm was beautiful, with apples, vegetables, blueberries, sunflowers and pumpkins to pick. I was obsessed about getting a photo of Miss C in a pumpkin patch, LPV developed a new love for raspberries too and he only ever eats bananas. A great day out!!!


The Mets game

We desperately wanted to see a baseball game but it was a family holiday and we went to visit friends not use them as our babysitters. On previous visits to NY I’d been to see the Yankees versus the Texas Rangers, so I was too fussed but EPD really wanted to go. We found an afternoon game at Citi field which was bring your kids for free game so knew it would be family focused. What a day, it was great fun, we ALL had a blast Miss C enjoyed the cheering and music and being outside. LPV clapped, danced, sung ate ice cream. I brought a big foam finger *I’ve always wanted one* yes I’m easily pleased. There were changing facilities, shaded seat and plenty to eat it is America after all, however if you’re expecting your child to eat healthy organic food then I wouldn’t go but if you don’t mind them having a fast food treat you’re in the right place.


Coney Island

This was on my wish list, it was about an hour from where we were staying but it was lovely when we got there. It had been seriously damaged from hurricane Sandy last year so areas were under construction, especially the Aquarium. The surrounding neighbourhood seemed less than desirable and word on the street is you should frequent the boardwalk after dark but it was a lovely place. disappointingly Luna park was closed for some unknown reason but it didn’t dampen our spirits, I was even brave enough to go paddling in the sea and it was farking cold. The New York Aquarium is situated on the board walk and was really badly damaged, however they’re making lemonade from the lemons and revamping and refurbishing. We made the last admission so only had to make a donation, they as for a donation of $5/person or whatever you can spare, we paid the asking. To be honest I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for it at present, there was a great sea-lion show but the other attractions were not that spectacular but the new plans sound pretty good so I definitely go back to see it again. The main thing is that the children had a great time.



So there’s our trip in a nutshell, we had an absolute blast, so I wanted to share it with you all, hope you enjoyed it too.


7 thoughts on “New York with kids

  1. kukolina says:

    How did you get Miss C to sit in your lap while watching baseball? How old is she…? Did you also eat out? We spend two nights in Bangkok and it was lovely but not always easy with an 8 months old…
    And you also have LPV! I am sure M was a great help but I am still curious how you did this whole trip with a baby…
    By the way: I love New York! We did have to go on a diet after we were there… 😛

    xoxo, Eszter

    • Expat Mammy says:

      We ate out during the day, I just took plenty of milk for Miss C and Ella’s kitchen pouches for her meals! To be honest it wasn’t easy, however as we stayed in Long Island we only went to Manhattan twice, I used the ergo baby carrier instead of a stroller, I also just tried to keep to her regular meal times etc

      • kukolina says:

        Sorry to keep on asking and asking… but as a first time mom everything is new to us… even though Zoárd had been on a plane ten times…
        How many minutes does Miss C tolerate the ergo baby? We have that as well… Did she have her naps in the carrier? Is she on two naps per day?
        I better check out the pouches you are referring to…
        Oh and thank you!!

      • Expat Mammy says:

        No no, ask away! She pretty much stayed in there all day, with breaks obviously when we ate or when she could use our friends stroller! She tolerates it so much better now she’s older, she hated it as a new born! She took her naps in it too, she’s not a great sleeper, so she had a good hour nap before leaving the house and then just fell asleep when she needed to in the ergo

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