America baby!

Hi, again apologies , blah blah blah. To be honest I’ve been so stressed with our move to Dubai or lack of it I’ve not been able to blog through stress. Anyway, the visa problems have been sorted *falls to knees and thanks god* and were officially going in two weeks. Life isn’t going to be a breeze when we get there as we’re living in a hotel suite. However we’re going to be together, LPV can start per school and I can be with my friends.

I had a few play dates here and caught up with friends but when you move away life moves on without you and my friends have their own group of friends. To be honest I felt just as lonely and isolated in the UK as I did in Holland, FYI that is not reflection on my UK buds I do appreciate and cherished the time we spent together. Hola and was different, I thought I was getting on great until my trip to Dubai last November, I was only away for a short period but it felt like people had moved on from me in that time and that made me sad.

Anyway as a family we’ve been under an unbelievable amount of stress, so while The Visa Saga was at its prime we decided we’d take a wee holiday, so we’ve come to see my international bestie/Miss C’s godparents in New York!

It’s was Miss C’s first long haul flight and I was dreading it, however both my wee babies were absolute angels on the flight, sleeping for at least 5 hours out of the 7.5 hour flight. We had a bassinet for Miss C but she wouldn’t settled so slept in our arms. LPV was entertained with his learning Irish apps and the new Cbeebies app on the iPad, then quite happily settled down to sleep. I have to say its been the best flight we’ve had with him since he was Miss C’s age.

Virgin were a fairly good airline to fly with, my only moans about them really is that they fancied around with duty free for too long which meant the cabin lights were on for ages. Some of the younger staff aren’t that friendly or understanding when it comes to flying with kids. We were actually complimented by another passenger on how good the kids were. There’s always one passenger though isn’t there? We’d just boarded and Miss C was sat chewing on Sophie giraffes ear, this woman walks past “oh your cute aren’t you, don’t you dare scream though as I want to sleep” alright I know she was “joking” but I just wanted to say “oh just fark off, we’ve paid just as much money as you”.

We’re here now and it’s fab, were staying in Long Island in a little town. It’s everything you ever imagined and more about the US, white picket fences, pick up trucks, mail boxes with little flags on them. I want to stay here forever….but I can’t so I will just kidnap the W family and bring them back to Dubai.

Miss C is struggling though, we’re all dying of colds and sore throats but my poor wee lamb is struggling with jet lag, I feel major guilt for bringing her, luckily she woke up her usually time so I’m able to stick to her usual routine. I’m just taking her out for lots of air and sun shine and praying its ok in a few days

4 thoughts on “America baby!

  1. kukolina says:

    I am so proud of you guys! Waiting for the move can be so tensed. I know! So I think flying to New York is a splendid idea! And do not feel guilty about the jet lag part because jet lag is not painful, it is only slightly uncomfortable for your little one and maybe a bit more uncomfortable for you who also has to stay up with her until 3 am…
    When we moved from Spain to Thailand Zoárd had a jet lag for 3 days I think. And I doubt that he will come up to me later, when he is older blaming me for it. At the same time, I am not saying treat your children like they are backpacks and drag them all over the world when they are tiny, tiny babies but some adventure is OK in my opinion…

    xoxo, Eszter

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