Competitions love or hate them, you DO have to be in it to win it!

I have to say before I moved to Dubai the first time I hadn’t won as much as a scratch card! We were fairly lucky with the old radio station competitions over there!
A Iftar buffet
U2 cd
Dubai 92 Christmas Eve party tickets (we went to the wrong place)

My sister in law is the luckiest minx on this earth, winning an all expensive paid trip around the states, countless theatre tickets, you name it, she’s won it!

Most of the time my attitude is usually that I can not be fussed with entering. However when one of my favourite online shops “Baby-souk” were holding a competition on their Facebook page I couldn’t resist, especially as it was for a Beatrix NewYork backpack & Lunch box.

LPV had already had one of lunch boxes before and their great can even go in the dishwasher!

Anyhoo, we won and I delighted, now I can wait for us to get to Dubai so LPV can take it to pre school!! *Does winning dance*

Here’s our prize!!!





It’s cool isn’t it? I want one myself!

All opinion are my own in this post, no payment has been taken for the links added. However someone wants to throw a couple of Million quid in my direct I won’t say no 😉

2 thoughts on “Winner

  1. kukolina says:

    This is so cool! You must feel like a little kid again holding the lunch boxes (yeah give them back to LPV…I mean it…. HAHA).
    Do you have a final date now for leaving?
    I told my husband that LPV will not be there at the first day of school in Dubai and he said oh even better the kid who comes X days later is always more interesting and fun to make friends with. 🙂

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