I’m going to talk about the ones between the sexes……not the blatant obvious ones, it’s not that type of blog ;-0

The we know one come from Mars the other Venus but I want to talk about the  difference between have one of each child, you know everyone says about the difference between boys and girls…. girls develop quickly blah blah. When you have one child it doesn’t really matter but when you have two children, one of each sex nothing prepares you for the differences.

LPV was and still is a very sensitive wee boy, he was always a happy child but you’d have to work so hard to get a smile out of him, he’d look at you as if you were a complete eejit! Miss C give her smiles away like they’re free samples!! All you have to do is say hello and her whole face lights up like a Christmas tree. Miss C is way for feisty and I’m convinced when she can walk she’ll eat her older brother for breakfast….LPV enjoy the peace babe.

LPV slept he’d sleep on a washing line if he was tired when he was the same age as Miss C we did lots of traveling, he’d take it all in his stride completely laid back. Miss C is laid back in the sense that she’ll only cry when she’s tired or hungry but she doesn’t seem to take disruption well, mainly that she doesn’t sleep or drink her milk when disrupted…which believe me that’s a problem at the moment as she’s permanently hungry or tired!! I think they call that a vicious circle…

I remember I didn’t have to take LPV out of the Quinny bassinet until he was about 6months he was happy laying there being pushed around like lord of the manor, it also broke my heart to turn him front facing eventually. Her ladyship on the other hand, was out of it at 3.5 months so she could nose around and now in the push chair facing me she’s still not satisfied with her view. She is a nosey minx and that’s the bottom line.

Their physical develop is unbelievable I could put LPV under the gym, go put some washing on etc come back and he’s still happily playing, Miss C is rolling all over the place and making a mad dash for the patio door, she’s eager to reach, sit, trying to crawl, stand.

I have to say, you wouldn’t want to children the same but the differences do blow me away, their temperaments are the opposite end of the spectrum. She’s going to run us ragged  but I love it…actually lets re- phrase that she “runs” us ragged.

Having a 2nd child was the best decision we made, ok we’re tired, running on empty most of the time but seeing the love and the relationship that’s building between them already makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. They’ll always have each other…..

Together always

Together always


3 thoughts on “Differences

  1. freebutfun says:

    I fully agree with you. From the first moment my babies were born, they have had completely different mentalities. Also, for example, I never believed in this ‘boys are into cars because they are boys’ (and other stereotypical things), so my girl has had and played with cars all her life too, but then my son came along and he took it to another dimension: before he could speak he told me off because I called a motorcycle a moped… So my original hypothesis has been proved wrong by my own kids 🙂

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