So it’s done, it’s official we are currently homeless. Last week I spent two very long days away from my babies to go back to Haarlem to pack up our house. Ready to jet off to our new life in the big giant sand pit. I have a pre school ready for LPV got him all excited and fired up about going to a new school, making new friends etc.

Now it seems someone up there really hates us, our best laid plans have gone Pete Tong. There has been a delay with visas and red tape, now I’m no stranger to red tape I’ve done this twice before. However it’s not just me that it’s effecting, this “move” has been causing me emotional stress since March but now it’s effecting my children, Miss C doesn’t sleep well, LPV just wants his daddy to sing him “Danny boy” at bedtime and keeps telling me he’s sad. It’s just simply heartbreaking! We’ve been apart as a family for almost two months now its got to be so difficult for them to understand.

At the moment things are still in the air, I’m praying that things will be sorted this week and plans will be made to get us back together again. I’m frustrated that my son can’t start his new school on Sept 8th with the other boys and girls, I’ve been assured by the team there that this wont effect him but it doesn’t stop it being difficult. As does “knowing” this whole thing would not be stress free, there are two children involved this time but it is still too much to bare sometimes. This is the life we chose though and it won’t always be like this but for today everything was terrible and was just piling up on my shoulders.
Still trying to keep LPV excited about a school he’s not attending soon is hard I just talk about his new friends, his new Thomas bedroom and the name of his school. Thankfully it’s working as he does tell people but sometimes children can just as easy forget goldfish.

I’m just trying to visualise us altogether on the beach at sunset and hopefully the vision will become reality sooner rather than later.


6 thoughts on “Delayed

  1. mumofthreeboys says:

    Keep think happy thoughts and it will all be in place sooner than you think, it must be so stressful, hope it all settles down soon.
    Ps not heard the saying ‘Pete tong’ in ages 🙂 x

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Haha I’m bringing it back!!

      I know the logical sensible side of my brain knows it will be grand but the stress head mammy side has taken over!!!

  2. kukolina says:

    Poor thing! I can so relate to what you are going through!
    Try to think of the positive aspects of this life style… Your children will be open-minded and they will be such interesting characters thanks to you and your husband.
    If someone would ask me what it was like for me when we moved from Hungary to the States I do not remember. Your children will have a nostalgia over the adventures but they will not remember the visa-problems.
    Here is something to take your mind of everything for a minute or two:


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