One of those days

Yesterday, I have to say was a flipping nightmare. It didn’t start that way, we decided to go to mahon point, LPV wasnt in form for playing in the kids area so we went got a sandwich and he played with his trains, happy days!

He’d told me was going to help get the shopping and put it in the trolly, great!! He went to get a trolly with Granny and there it all began. I can recognise that scream anywhere. He had a complete melt down over…I have absolutely no idea. He got over it anyway and we headed to Tesco, so there it began. He got a bee in his bonnet over something to do with Lolly pops, its not as if I even refused to buy him one.

He sat on the floor and cried, we got over it, he sat on his **kids sit and cried…..this time we didnt get over it, instead he screamed, then Miss C started screaming, then he screamed more because she was screaming..and so on.

Granny took Miss C to calm her down while I..erm discussed the situation with LPV. I dont know its just me but I seem to have different levels to deal with tantrums.

Level 1: Annoyance and determination, the you wont get he better of me level.

Level 2: The what have I done to deserve this level, you feel like your only parent in the world that this in happening too,obviously your not but you could actually curl up into a ball and die.

Level 3: Anger, you try and be overly firm, the exert of power, it doesn’t work work but at this stage you’ll try anything.

now I should say at this point in the situation, people are staring, some in disgust to you people I say “up yours” others are sympathc and relieved that they were sensible and left their kids at home. Inbetween the stares I’m trying to encourage LPV to take his head out of the crate of pears.
Level 4: Ignoring and determination, I begin to ignore his behaviour and look at the apples in great detail. This drives him crazy and he pushes me to get my attention, this where the determination kicks in again. I successfully ignore him, he stops crying and turns into this angelic cute kid again.
We leave, luckily without being banned from Tesco Ireland forever! Spending 20 minutes or so to pack up the car. We arrive at the house, go to open the front door……NO KEY. We bundle back into the car, drive to my sister in laws, upset my neice as she wants us to stay and play. Drive back to the house only to discover we’lve brought the wrong formula!

So at this point I could do with a strong G&T , I stay strong and walk the mile or so to the nearest supermarket to buy the right formula.

If you didn’t laugh you’d cry…….

** To all who aren’t familiar with the kids sit here it is.




2 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. mumof4 says:

    God you earned a drink after that. I HATE the judgmental looks of the other shoppers like that. They have NO CLUE what is going on/what the deal is etc/ but they still give you ‘the disgusted look.’
    We all have days like that. ALL of us. And those people looking – they will have done too – but memories fade etc plus we don’t use the belt with our kids anymore so they don’t live in the ‘fear’ of the olden days.
    Don’t beat yourself up – you may never get to the bottom of what set him off – but you’ll not even remember it in a month…..

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