In Bruges

One of the weirdest but funniest films I’ve ever seen, filmed obviously “In Bruges”. So you can imagine my disappointment when we arrived in the main markt and there was no sign of Colin Farrell, no men falling from towers….So we just rented bikes and cycled round.

What a beautiful city, picturesque, quiet, calm after the craziness of Amsterdam. As much as I missed our babies it was just delightful to concentrate on my surroundings for once, without wiping baby vomit off my shoulder, running back to pick up a dropped snuggy or train or just generally chasing after a 3 yr old who could, quite frankly make Mo Farrah look like a snail.

I’m a bit limited as to what I can eat at present so we decided on a tapas place “oh that’s a great place” says the hotel receptionist. Smug in our excellent choice we pedaled off into the warm evening, did a couple of loops and then headed to the tapas bar………a couple more loops no sign of the tapas bar, now said “bar” is supposed to be located on the “smallest street in Bruges” so you know it could be easily missed. A couple more loops, like a spitting cobra, I don’t do hungry well I do what every wife is told NOT to do, I make expat daddy ask for directions…da da dun.

Reluctantly he asked, in another restaurant *sigh* “oh they’re not open Tuesdays or Wedsnesday” GREAT!!!!! Thank you hotel receptionist this information may have been useful. On closer inspection of the map whilst sat down to eat *eventually* we see quite clearly in black and white written on the map we both had been staring so hard at…..gesloten dinsdag en woensdag. Sorry hotel receptionist *official expatmammy public apology*.

Now as I said above Bruges was calm and peaceful, that is until I try and get some sleep..then all hell breaks loose and every man and his dog starts dragging a wheeled suitcase over cobbled streets, has a party or just generally shouts at the top of his lungs. Eventually I get to sleep but its up early to drive to Calais.

Where we’ve just arrived……have to go……go to Bruges, you’ll fall in love with it, I’m definitely making it my mission to go back some day.

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