Tale of 5 countries

As I tweeted yesterday, I had to come back to Holland for an outpatients appointment from my hospital admission earlier this month. I didn’t mind, I’ve been reunited with my husband whom I haven’t seen for almost 3 weeks.

Whilst having tea with my Neighbour last night it dawned on me I’m doing 5 countries in 4 days. Now I know we’re a family of many travels but this is ridiculous and thank the heavens above the children are with Gma & Gdad and will miss most of it.

Tuesday: England to Holland (Me) Dubai to Holland (EPD)
Wednesday: Holland to Belgium***
Thursday: Belgium to France to England
Friday: England to Ireland

Now I can’t ever pipe up and say we have a boring life, can I? I’m currently typing as we’re on our way to Den Haag to the Irish embassy to pick up LPV’s new passport! Then it’s off to Bruges, where we’ll stay overnight thankfully, as it to much driving for a tired, jet lagged EPD. Up early in the morning to catch the 10am tunnel crossing from Calais to Folkstone. Then heading to sunny Brissle so we can be reunited as a family (first time in almost 3 weeks), recharge and then ready to leave on Friday morning for the long and tedious drive along the M4 to Fishguard man I hate that drive . 4 hours over the calm and pleasant…..ahem, Irish Sea finishing off the mammoth expedition with a 3 hour drive to Cork.

The answer is YES, we are farking insane, it actually helps to be when you travel as much as we do. The iPad will be charged, Sophie the Giraffe and Thomas the tank will be bursting out of our pockets and the car packed up within an inch of its life!

Bon Voyage

***currently we’re on the hard shoulder where EPD is effing and Jeffing at the maxi cosy base as it keeps continually beeping..

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