Walk a mile in my shoes

I have a facebook page about postnatal depression I was approached by a woman called Ella who is raising money for mental health awareness, its a subject close to my heart.

Here’s the story in her own words with details of the facebook page and how to follow his progress.


My partner is walking around the edge of the UK to raise awareness of mental health problems. He is doing it with no money and relying on the kindness of strangers.  He camps a lot too. He started in Edinburgh and walked u…p the east coast of Scotland and across the highlands and down the west coast so he is currently near Lancaster. He has raised money for MIND and PENUMBRA.  He is blogging as he goes. Chris’ details below including a short trailer film about dissociation as this is the biggest problem for him. The documentary makers meet up with him every few weeks to film. It would be great if you could join his facebook group.

Film/ sound recordings
http://m.soundcloud.com/stewart-mcneill/chris-mcculloch-youngSee more

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