A couple of weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with query appendicitis, after some very painful scans It was discovered I had diverticulitis. Now, I’ve had two children via C section but I haven’t felt pain like this before. I had a very painful ultrasound which couldn’t show enough for them so I was given a CT scan. Now for me in the profession I am/was in CT were used to help diagnose nasties!!

Thanks be to god it didn’t show any nasties just the above condition, I had strict bed rest and ive only just got myself back to normal. My mam was flown out to help us and take the stress & strain off EPD *thanks Mam*. Whilst waiting and waiting for my scan result my mind did over time, what would we do if it was bad news? If I wasn’t around who was going to cut the children’s nails, if EPD re married should I haunt her? I know its dramatic but I’m never usually ill and it scared the bejaysus out of me. It’s jerked me into sorting myself out, get fit and healthy not for me but for my family, my children, they need me around.

Being expats and travelling as much as we do you need a contingency plan, something in place for the sake of the precious people in your life. So as much as I hate thought of doing it, we have to do a Will. I don’t want to think about it, I feel like doing one could tempt fate however it has to be done it’s a necessity .

After starting this post the other day I’ve seen another two different healthcare professionals, still in pain, still being refused medication. its starting to bring me down, it’s so difficult and be upbeat for your children when you’re not 100% yourself. Anyway hey ho onwards and sideways as they say.


5 thoughts on “Sick

  1. L Hunt says:

    Oh Dear. No fun. Hope they find out what is wrong soon and you are back to being 100%. It is so hard to think about what would happen if we weren’t there for our little ones. It think the worst was when being an expat was choosing who to look after our little DS if something happened to the both of us until a family member could get out to the country we were in. Difficult because people are always coming and going. Also doing the will was hard but once done it is a huge load off your shoulders. Make sure you do it soon. Hang in there. Glad you are with family now for a bit until the move and you have some help.

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