Avon Valley

As I mentioned yesterday were living at my folks, so yesterday we went to Avon Valley animal park what a cute little a gem of a place, right here on my home turf.

I think we went at the wrong time off day as it was boiling but we copped a squat under a tree and had a wee picnic, its wasn’t busy as the schools haven’t broken up for summer vacation yet so it was perfect. They’ve got indoor & outdoor play areas for children of all ages, an undercover soft play, café, mini railway and animal attractions. You can watch pig racing, cuddle bunnies and if you’re a walker there’s a beautiful picturesque walk along the river Avon.

Initially I thought it was a wee bit pricey to get in £31 for 2 adults a OAP and a child, there were now OAP’s amongst us but we used my dads grey hair as a way to beat the system ;-). On reflection tho it’s not actually a bad price, as they don’t object to you bringing in your own food, you can stay all day too, it doesn’t cover the mini railway either which is a bit of a downer. However they do offer a day ticket for £5 if you got a train obsessed toddler like I have this is good value for money, as we found out the hard way!!

All the staff are friendly and have a lovely welcoming West country warmth about them, don’t we all?? And when the train driver realised we kept coming back he gave a an all day stamp anyway. I advise you to bring to bring your own tea or coffee tho, that’s unless you like drinking dishwater!!

We had a really lovely day and for me its great to explore my home town a wee bit, Bristol is a great place to live and has got a lot to offer, can’t wait to get about a bit more while I’m here in a non sexual sense of course!!993926_10153079105805341_1275614039_n

*Please not this is not a sponsored post, all opinions/details/photo’s are the authors own*

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