Off again

A few weeks, maybe months actually I wrote a post about how  had come close to a life I wanted so badly  could smell it. Well…….It happening!!! What I thought was dead & buried is now happening. We’re going back to Dubai to live *does Arabic celebration dance*. I’m so delighted I can’t even begin to tell you….

Now to set the record straight I don’t ever regret leaving in the first place and a short period of time we spent in The Netherlands, I will fondly hold a place for it in my heart, after all It is the place where my daughter was born. Where we spent our first family Christmas in our own house without dragging our kids around the world.  If we hadn’t of lived there I don’t think I would have got to experience cross-country skiing in Finland with my beautiful friend Jo. An amazing week in Italy, Austria, day trips to Belgium and Germany. We had a great outdoorsy lifestyle, I loved being on the bike, watching LPV in the woods and in the snow. Amazon delivering to Holland , Being so close to our families was a true blessing.

However I strongly believe you shouldn’t stay in a place if you are not 100% happy with, life is too short to spend your days miserable and feeling alone, not challenged  by your situation especially if you are an expat. Something never quite really  been a perfect fit for us in Holland, which is disappointing as I was so excited when we decided to move there. There are tons of things I will Miss, some dears friends I have made, unfortunately only getting close to some in the last few months. My bike, LPV’s little buddy “F” and his fantastic & talented mammy. My absolutely amazing neighbours at No.8 & No.6.

There are however things I will not miss, the attitude and blatant bad manners of some residents of The Netherlands, the feeling of ignorance, isolation of not knowing the language and really not taking to the language at all. The bikes….OMG those fecking bikes!! Hypocritical of me of course, I loved it when I was on mine but when you’re a pedestrian or driver they’re the bain of your life.

Anyway, were off again, I’m currently lodging at my parents with the children, as EPD will be going back & forth to DXB to sort various things, as I’ve been quite sick of late *another post* plus the fact it’s the school holidays already out there, we thought it would be better, to stay in one place for continuity and support. The next few months will be stressful beyond belief, sorting visas, finding houses, finding nurseries, schools all while trying to remain calm for the sake of the children and trying to maintain some sort of family life.

I am under no illusion either that life will be exactly the same as last time, people move on and things change, obviously I minus two of my beautiful buddies out there, who have also moved on, but I know that my friends out there know me, inside and out, the good the bad and the ugly I feel 100% myself around. I know the areas, I’m comfortable driving there, I can do classes with Miss C and be able to understand them. Also a lot of my buds have had 2nd children around the same age as Miss C, socialising with people who have children the same age as you is such a god send, as you’re experiencing the same things.

We’ve talked & talked, night after night since March about moving back, it’s something we both want, we will be sad that now our families will have to travel further to see us but at the risk of sounding selfish we have to do what’s best for us, Team V!!!!

So stay tuned for a few stressful rants over the next couple of months, oh plus now I have to think of a new tag line for my blog…From camels to windmills doesn’t work anymore..

11 thoughts on “Off again

  1. 3yearsamdhome says:

    Fantastic news! You must be thrilled. I completely get the whole isolation thing re language – it means that you can never relax in any situation outside of your own house. Much better when you’re somewhere that you feel confident and comfortable. I also love your blog makeover; it’s looking fab xx

  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    Oops sorry I hit send too quickly. I meant to say I’m very happy for you, it all sounds very exciting. I love Dubai and always think I could easily settle there (even though I’ve only been there 3 times :)). Hope the transition goes smoothly and you settle back in, in no time.

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