30 day squat challenge

Yeah you didn’t rad it wrong, this exercise phobic mamma is getting her squat on. A friend posted on Facebook that she was doing it although on day 30 when I’m doing 235 squats I will be calling her a lot worse. It does exactly what it says on the tin, 30 days, lots of squats. Why? why not, I need a challenge and this way I get an arse like Kylie’s !!!

Yesterday I did 55, today I have to do 60….and so on, not rocket science, so who’s with me???

1006255_10153028626780341_956066755_nAre you up for the challenge? I also checked out the website and it’s got lots of other challenges too, this could be the start of something big!!! Oh and Happy 4th July to my American followers!!! Hope you have a yankee doodle dandy of a day!!


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