Marks & Spencer

Now there’s a lot of things you miss about home when you become an expat, your family and friends foremost, then it’s your creature comforts, your favourite foods etc. I always have a good stock of curly wurly’s and god help you if you eat one when you’re visiting, I’ll scratch your eyes right out!! However if feel that I have learnt over the years to adapt and sometime embrace the local food, supermarkets etc. I really miss Arabic food and I’m a bit partial to a bitterballen now and again. However there are some things you can not live without, like a good pair a draws!!, Knickers, pants…whatever you want to call them.

So you can imagine my delight when through the Mama grapevine here I heard Marks & Spencer were coming to town! It can be an absolutely pain to buy decent clothes here, this is where the country lets itself down and the rude people  the clothes are awful, No Next, no Gap, No Carters!! The only decent place to buy children’s clothes here in Haarlem closed down last month, I truly can’t understand why as I thought I was personally keeping it financially stable.

Anyhoo back to Marks & Sparks, I let the dust settle and didn’t go there immediately, I don’t see the point in rushing to a place on the first day its going to be there for a while, plus if I can avoid Amsterdam I do, I can’t stand the place. So off I go on Saturday while my parents babysat, all excited about my new knickers, all of EPD measurements for new shirts & trousers, it felt like christmas.

I walk for bloody miles and miles trying to find the place, eventually I find it, I was expecting it to be the same size as the ones at home. It was tiny, with the smallest little sign ever. I walk in head straight for the clothes section…….umm excuse me where are the clothes? “Oh we don’t sell them in store but you can order them from our  website http://www.marksand”  …let me stop you there!!! I can order them from the bloody UK website lady, I want to shake her shouting “where are my knickers, shirts & trousers?” I politely smile say thank you *in dutch* and decide to head to the food. There were shelves & shelves of sodding crumpets, now usually this would make me happy  but I didn’t want crumpets I wanted knickers, shirts & trousers.

Making the best out of pants situation…hahahaha see what I did there? I did a wee food shop, brought a lovely chicken pie for dinner that night and some….wait for it chicken Kiev!!! CHICKEN KIEV!!! I hadn’t had one for over 3 years, now we’ve been reunited for dinner last evening. It was yummy…who need knickers when you’ve got Chicken Kiev!


6 thoughts on “Marks & Spencer

  1. L Hunt says:

    OMG how super disappointing!!! That was like in Dubai when a new store opened and in the beginning I got all excited only to find out that it was the name of the store but just not the same as home. Tim Hortons came and I was super excited for their chilli only to find out they didn’t have it. WHAT!!!! Oh so they are in the desert but I really wanted my chilli. At least I got to have some Tim Bit. Now to get Timmys in the UK! Then M&S in Dubai had a huge store only to figure out that they were getting the cast off’s from the previous year’s season. Ahhhhhh. Glad you got your Chicken Kiev. We had that last night to! Ours was Waitrose though. And speaking of Waitrose, the ones in Dubai might have the name and some of the products but it just isn’t the same. Where were the recipe cards???? Hey ho, Expat life. We are back in the UK now and although it is nice to be back I so miss the friendships that were so easy to make there and the arabic food.

  2. Alpine Mummy says:

    wow I would have been heartbroken (though would also have been smiling again pretty quickly with a kiev inside me!). I go back to the UK twice a month for work and one of the main perks of the ridiculous commute is the trip to M&S. My expat friends give me orders and I bring it all back in my hand luggage – bras and knickers included!

  3. mumof4 says:

    Oh God! I’d love one out here. I always stock up when I go back too. Plus you can get things there that are then ‘unique’ over here and it doesn’t feel quite as High Street ifyouknowwhatImean.
    When we went to Paris in March I was in awe of the city of course but the fact they had an M&S (with a few clothes if not the full range)…. AND a WHSmiths made it an extra awesome trip.

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