June round up

As yesterday we hit July, it’s quite scary how quickly this year is going. I’ve been inspired by Atlantamumofthree by doing a review of the month of June through a few photo’s and a wee bit of writing…….

The good stuff

Well at the beginning of the month we went to Centre parcs right here in the Netherlands, it was Miss C’s first family holiday. It was lovely to get away just the four of us. LPV got to do the things he loves, swimming & running in the woods

Little fish

Little fish

We hit a milestone, a certain little miss turned 4 months

I could just eat her but I won't

I could just eat her but I won’t

Not only did I get a whole 48 hours away by myself but I got to fly home without children, enjoy a pleasant flight and get to spend my Mammy’s birthday with her

My lesuirely coffee at the airport

My leisurely coffee at the airport

Whilst I was at my parents, LPV got to meet Thomas the tank engine, EPD said he’d never seen him sit so still

Train heaven

Train heaven

Daddy got two lovely cards this year on Fathers day, we spent a great day at the aviodrome


He's the best Daddy

He’s the best Daddy

June included a lot of personal growth for me!!! I baked ALOT and i also made thisIMG_3790 IMG_3811 I also got LPV to eat Spinach pancakes by calling them Henry’s pancakes, THATS a huge thing in our house!!

However the biggest thing of all was our baby’s 3rd birthday!! Grandma & Granddad came form the UK and stayed for a whole & days which was great fun

IMG_3936 DSC_0530 IMG_4045

The Shit stuff

Thankfully not much shit stuff, apart from daddy being away for two weeks, luckily he was home for LPV’s party but unfortunately had to miss his birthday. Even more shit was the fact he was in Dubai without us, we would have loved to celebrate LPV’s birthday there too!!

So, that was our June, how was yours??





2 thoughts on “June round up

  1. L Hunt says:

    Love the idea of a roundup! I know how busy you have been and not able to get to your blog. This is a great way to do it and not feel stressed that you have had time. Our June was good! We went to Vancouver to see my family for 3 weeks. Little M loved the fact that he could walk 3 min to go to the beach everyday. Granted it did rain, as it did here in the UK but hey ho. But why is it when you have a holiday (with a toddler) you feel like you need a holiday from a holiday when you get home?!

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