Baby led weaning

So with everyday Miss C getting bigger, stronger more cheeky *getting down on knees and thanks god*. She’s discovered her brothers hair, hasn’t quite discover she can pull it but its just a matter of time. She’s still waking at night hungry and if she takes a full feed she’s off her morning milk…blah blah blah. Won’t bore you with the details but I’ve started to give her baby rice, I don’t want to wean her fully yet I think it’s too soon, although she is showing signs of being ready. So at the moment she’s having a few wee spoons of it in the afternoon!!



The last few nights she’s still woke for a bottle but I’ve given her a small amount, to be honest I not even sure the rice is working. She’s so different to LPV in every way *for one her brother slept*. So I’m wondering this time about baby led weaning, It was something I looked into last time with LPV and an old neighbour of mine in Dubai sore by it. However I’m a bag of nerves at the best of time let alone giving Miss C a farking pork chop to chew on!! When I gave LPV grapes, I cut them, peeled them and practically sat on his lap to feed them to him. I have concerns as well about the nutrients they’re getting, that’s what I liked about the puree process was that I controlled the amount of veggies that he ate, he was healthy and the floor didn’t get fed.

Its funny with the first child you’re in such a hurry to reach each stage, the thought of any type of weaning fill me with dread, all our clothes will be ruined, the hand blender will die a slow painful death *again* and they’ll be no room in the freezer. So maybe I should cut out the puree drama and just embrace the BLW and the whole new drama of me having a nervous break down every time she eats!

What are you feelings on BLW?

Did you prefer it?

Lets us know, we’d be interested in your experiences


6 thoughts on “Baby led weaning

  1. MsXpat says:

    I totally get you on this. My daughter is now 7 months, As a new born she woke once or twice now she wakes a much as 5 times! I don’t think every time its for a feed I think she also wants to be cuddled to sleep and when she was newborn she put herself to sleep! I seem to be going backwards. That said, Ive considered weaning her and even TRIED but she has no real interest in food, back away as if its poison. If she’s in the mood she may try a few spoons but she will not have the same thing twice once the curiosity is gone. In terms of weaning her big brother was properly eating and trying things from 5 1/2 months. He had good appetite but he also still wakes at night out of habit I think. He’s 2 1/2 years old

    Sorry I don’t have the answer but at least we can share experiences.

  2. A Frog at Large says:

    I did BLW with my first and will definitely be doing it with No 2. I did it because I’m very lazy and I could be bothered with purees and separate meals. I read the BLW book and also this fantastic website It worked really well for us, she just had chunks of cucumber and cheese to start, and whatever we were having for dinner; I’ll admit I didn’t get very stressed about the amount of nutrients she was getting because the primary source of nutrition for a baby under 1 should come from their milk. Everything else is a positive add-on; given the opportunity to try on their own from 6 months, most babies will naturally start to swallow food around 7-8 months. First they just learn to enjoy the taste and texture of things. It happened overnight for us, one day she was just tasting things and the next there was no chicken left on her tray. I looked everywhere for it on the floor and concluded she must have gobbled it :-p

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