So so so behind with my blog yet again. I wont waste  time apologising for it, ill get on with it. So for father’s day we go out as a wee family, as it was Fathers day daddy got to pick (this should have been my first clue). So we ended up at Aviodrome in Lelystad aka aeroplane geek heaven. It has an aircraft museum filled with umm….lots of aircraft?? Also has a real Boeing 747 that you can go and explore, plus its got a mig which EPD was especially excited about, I personally only recognised it as the word Mig comes up a lot in TopGun, to reveal to you all just how much I know about aircraft I originally wrote the word Ming!! then quickly googled to check the spelling on to realise that he actually the baddy in Flash Gordon!!

Anyhoo all aeroplane knowledge aside it was actually a really good day out especially if you have a vehicle mad toddler like we do, his eye were popping out of his yea. There’s a play park, bouncy castle and indoor play are for the children and a cafe for  bored wives snacks. Instead of trying to sound knowledgable about the place I will just show you some of our photo’s

This is your captain calling

This is your captain calling

IMG_3859 IMG_3890

High way to the danger zone.....

High way to the danger zone…..


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