The airport

They’re funny places, not funny haha but funny in the fact they take normal human beings and turn them into complete and utter twats!

What, are not happy your going on the holiday you’ve saved all year for? Yes? Then smile be polite to airport staff.

However airport staff we expect the same in return, your working at Bristol international *coughs* airport, not the farking White House!

We all go to school, some if us enjoy it more than others some leaving having used their time productively others don’t. However we all leave with the ability to count to at least 20? I mean my 2 yr old can count to 20. So why is it when an airline calls seat numbers 1-15 do 600+ people charge at the boarding gate! Who aren’t even sat in seats 1-15!

Aeroplane seating is pretty self explanatory isn’t seat No.1 is at the front, the higher the seat number the further back in the plane you are! So why when you are seat No.36 are you getting on at the front of the plane and checking EVERY seat number, are you really that stupid?

I love airport people watching, so many types if traveler. The experienced traveler * like myself, huff polishes badge*. The nervous traveler, who is constantly checking their bag for their passport, panicking when they can’t find it only to then realise its in their hand! Actually I think there’s a bit of this traveler in me too.

Anyway I’m safe in the sky now, soon to be reunited with my babies, with another 8 weeks to psych ourselves up to travel with two children to New York! We must be mad!


2 thoughts on “The airport

  1. Valerie says:

    I was just writing about our airport, here in Atlanta, Georgia and how it’s the biggest and busiest in the world. I wonder what the percentages are among vacationers and business trip-ers.
    People should always be respectful and kind…that’s my stance on rudeness. 😉

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