Traveling camaraderie

Today I’m traveling, yes again!! However today it’s different, I’m traveling alone! I’d really forgotten what stress free travel was like, I’m not in a panic, hurry or harassed. I’ve has a leisurely Starbucks, I’m not walking around schipol airport like a pack horse, with trains, Muslins cloths coming out of every available pocket! AND I’ve traveled light!!

However all the above experiences have changed me, changed my traveling attitude and changed it for the better. Before two became four I found children in airports so annoying, I worked with them all my adult life so I certainly didn’t need them invading my holiday! The sound of a child crying filled me with terror, praying to every god available that you weren’t sat anywhere near them. Like I said I’ve changed, I had to change because 99.9% of the time I am the parent of that screamer! I’m the parent that’s desperately trying to look like she’s taking it in her stride, when underneath you feel like you could quite easily have a heart attack, sweating profusely and stripping off every available, appropriate item of clothing. All because of THAT passenger, the passenger I used to be. The one that gives you the disapproving look, the one that’s disgusted that you even dreamt of traveling with those demonic little elves you own. Today that’s not me, I’ve noticed there’s a unspoken camaraderie between traveling parents, those who are traveling with or those who are lucky to have left their children at home. So why this camaraderie, well you see Mr irritated passenger we have an advantage over you and we’re smug about it and quite rightly so, you see we can block out a child’s screaming as we have everyday so it doesn’t bother us. Not being able to sleep through a child crying on a plane? A parent can, how? Because we’re so exhausted we’d sleep on the engine!
So instead of being a selfish traveler who’s flapping in a hurry, slow down and why not help those parents and in return we might if we’re feeling generous tell you the secret of our special gifts!!
Happy traveling!



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