As the big 3 birthday gets closer & closer and I will undoubtably be up to my eyes in Thomas the Tank birthday paraphernalia I’m starting to get a bit mushy and all warm and cosy inside. I look at my baby, he’ll always be my baby and a see such a gorgeous, intelligent, stubborn amazing little man.

However, him growing up and becoming 3 is one step closer to starting school, Dutch school!!! The first school is uncharted territory for most parents but the first school where you as a parent don’t speak or understand the language is even more scary. I always dreamt of helping LPV with his phonics and I’m so sad that I wont get the opportunity to be “all hail Mammy, queen of the phonics”. I worry that I’ll be no help at all as I’ll be like a school kid trying to learn it myself.

I worry about him being the odd one out, the kid who’s Mammy can’t talk to the other Mammies. Will the fact that he is not a native make him an easy target for being bullied. It’s a year away but these things still keep me awake at night, should we go see the international school? Will his friends constantly leaving or changing at international school be more detrimental than putting him in a dutch school?

These worries have been exacerbated by a local kid being aggressive to LPV today, he was playing happily when this kid hit him with a toys bus, he cried but got on with it. The next thing this kid is squaring up to LPV and roaring at him, really aggressively. LPV kind of cower and winced with every roar and I just wanted to shout  “get  stuffed your horrible brat” or words to that effect but I also have to let him fight his own battles too.

I’m not saying if we were anywhere else in the world I would have worries but if we spoke the language I think I wouldn’t threat so much. I have to start my dutch lesson again, I know that but with two children one of who only being 4 months the thought of trying to learn a language makes me want to curl up and rock!!

I’m sure he’ll be as amazing as ever and adjust brilliantly but until that happens I’ve a whole year to worry about it.

One thought on “3

  1. 3yearsandhome says:

    The language barrier is a huge contributor to making me feel lonely and isolated. CK’s German is better than mine and he goes to a German speaking nursery two days a week but I still really, really struggle. We’ve decided to go back to the UK at the end of this year. I felt like I could manage okay here with one child but with two, it feels like too much.

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