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When your new to the blogging world its always nice for someone to give you a helping hand. I’ve never had a guest post before so I’m delighted to have one today!

John is a new Daddy blogger and has written a great post about hearing loss in children

The Difficulties of Hearing Loss in Children

Many people take hearing for granted until they lose it. Some people never have a chance to appreciate hearing in the first place. Although a lot of people think of the elderly when thinking of hearing loss, many children suffer from hearing loss as well. Some are born with hearing loss, while others develop it over time. A recent study indicates that roughly eight percent of Americans with severe to profound hearing loss are under 18 years of age. Further studies also indicate that around 15 percent of children between the ages of six and 19 have some hearing loss with either high or low frequencies.

In the real world where statistics are no more than numbers and children live with conditions such as hearing loss, children with hearing loss struggle developmentally and academically. Many of them have difficulty learning to talk or how to pronounce new words. Academically, they often struggle with grammar, word choice and vocabulary. To make things worse, these children are often picked on by others because of their disability.


Many people with hearing loss, including children, can benefit from hearing aids. These devices contain small amplifiers that increase sound. The vibrations are then transported directly into a wearer’s inner ear. Although most hearing aid users must work through a period of adjustment as they learn to sort through and interpret the new sounds they can now hear, many hearing-impaired individuals reap benefits from hearing aids.  Sometimes depending on the severity of the hearing loss, hearing aids may not be a suitable solution and in that case some people make look towards cochlear implants.  

Some hearing-impaired individuals rely on non-verbal communication to express themselves and interact with others. Sign language is used by many children with hearing loss. They utilize this complex system of hand gestures to speak in the same way other children speak verbally.

Despite the adversity experienced by hard-of-hearing children, success is possible. Many famous historical characters such as famous classical composer Ludwig Beethoven were hearing impaired. Actress Marlee Matlin lost nearly all her hearing when she was only 18 months old. Her family supported and encouraged her as she followed her dreams. She has won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Nick Hamilton, who experienced severe hearing loss after being diagnosed with a rare hearing condition at age three, didn’t stop at playing baseball while attending Kent State during college. In 2012, he was drafted by the Cleveland Indians. Today, he makes use of his lip-reading skills as well as hand gestures to communicate with team members and coaches during games. 

Although childhood hearing loss comes with challenges to be overcome, it doesn’t have to be a tragedy. If your child is affected by this ailment, help him or her learn to make the best of the situation. Teach your child about heroes of yesterday and today who have overcome hearing problems. With a little education and support anything is possible. Success comes to those who believe in themselves and reach for it.


Hi my name is John O’Connor, I am a father, outdoorsman, sports enthusiast and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  Check out my new blog at!


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