The next step

As I mentioned in a post last week, we’ve taken LPV’s dummy away. Not for the faint hearted I can tell you!!

We started by talking about how he was a big boy/brother now so he didn’t need it, I then introduced the idea of the dummy fairy and asked him what he would like her to leave him as a present when she took the dummy away. A big Percy was his response oh and a Gordon, Thomas, Edward, James……Yeah alright kid she’s not made of bloody money!!

Like the efficient little pixie she is, the dummy fairy placed an order on amazon for 3 trains she tried her harder to find a big Percy but quite frankly she failed big Percy’s do not exist. Bearing in mind LPV already has a Gordon, James and several Thomas’ in her wisdom she decided to order a Edward, Henry and Toby!! Good little dummy fairy!!

D-day arrived and we bagged up all LPV’s dummies and left them buy his bed, he was rather excited about his present and didn’t really kick up any sort of stink. Cracked it I smugly  thought to myself……hahahahahah Motherhood I laugh in your face!!

OMG what a night we had, it was like musical beds all night, however I don’t think it was lack of dummy, his nasty cough was keep him awake and a leaked nappy didn’t help!! The fairy still came and his wee little delighted face was a picture the ext morning, that was until…….”Where’s Gordon?” Yeah dummy fairy “where’s Gordon?” EPIC FAIL dummy fairy.   Anyway he starts playing with his trains straight away, major tantrums when it’s time for playgroup all three of them feel like the most loved and wanted trains in the universe. Now poor Toby is feeling a wee bit left out. It would seem Toby is a poor mans Gordon!! LPV is waiting patiently for this fairy bird to bring him his Gordon!!

It’s still going fairly well, he still asked for his “na” dummy before bed but we explain the fairy taking them again, you can see this disapproving look on his face “yes that dummy fairy who didn’t bring Gordon, now she has my dummies!!….The bitch”

Next time with Miss C the fairy will order the bloody Gordon!!!!

Dummy be gone!!!

Dummy be gone!!!

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