Treading water

Quick, quick I have to type quickly…..You see I’ve managed to get both children to sleep at the same time, both in their beds, at the same time….AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!

So how have you been, well as the title explains I’ve been treading water in this pool if parenthood. having two children is hard, fantastic but hard. It’s mainly finding a schedule that fits with us all which is the hard part but it will happen over time I guess.

I’ve been brave tho, I’ve attempted outings with the two…..on the bus aswell…I know!!!! One was a success one was an absolute disaster which ended in me muttering to myself all the way home about how much I hate this country and being an expat!! When things go wrong I always blame the country I’m in… It’s an automatic response, and as for hating a being an expat? I just go home and go to my local Asda full of pyjama wearing shoppers and then I love it again. Don’t get me wrong, I love Asda im not Asda bashing I’m shopping in Pyjamas bashing!!!

Well since my last post, we had Miss C christened, which was a truly awesome day, so lovely to have all the family together, plus having our dear friends over from the  United States was the icing on the christening cake so to speak. Miss C was an angel all day and looked absolutely beautiful (as usual) in her christening gown. We got to show our friends round Cork as we were so unbelievably lucky with glorious weather for the entire time in Ireland. For those of you who haven’t been to Ireland this is an extremely rare occurence, which is such a shame as in the sunshine the country is truly magnificent.

We’ve also brought Miss C home to her hood!!! Brissle man!!! She had her first trip home to Bristol, via the channel tunnel. She’s so well-traveled already, I’m so proud of my children both survived a 10 journey in the car with minimal moaning. Every parent is proud of their children but its  absolutely amazing when strangers approach you and compliment them. This happened to us in Reading services, a woman approached EPD and said she’d been watching Miss C and thought she was the cutest baby ever……..she is!!!

Next when we packing up to continue our journey and elderly couple said out of the blue “you should be proud of him, he’s an amazing child, so intelligent” we said thank you and that we were, they kept us chatting for ages about LPV the lady said that she was a retired peadiatrician and thought he was amazing at how he spoke, acted and inquisitive about his surroundings. I just absolutely beamed with pride, we’ve been experiencing some bad terrible two’s with him so this gave me such a boost that I’m not doing such a bad job after all. A friend posted a blog post the other day about how we’re all so negative a parenting. Yes it is hard, sometimes I want to run for the hills and cry but it made me think about how I should focus on something positive each day. Take today for instance, they both went to sleep at the same time, to get Miss C sleeping in her cot is an achievement ok it didn’t last long *she currently in her swing crying* am I a bad mammy for still typing? No I’m not going there, she’s been fed, changed, cuddled, played with, what she needs is a long sleep!! Also LPV and I had a great game of Gruffalo snap after playschool, small things but special things.

So what have been positive parts of your day today??

Anyhoo here’s a wee pictures of our travels to Cork & Miss C’s christeningDSC_0767 DSC_0820 DSC_0824 DSC_0827

LPV was the entertainment, I hope the Corrs are ready cos my wee family are going to kick their musical butts!!

LPV was the entertainment, I hope the Corrs are ready cos my wee family are going to kick their musical butts!!



2 thoughts on “Treading water

  1. Mum Obrien says:

    Brilliant blog as ever . Glad the children are doing well but then they will they have a great mam and dad xxxx

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