Terrible travel

It’s no secret that we travelled a lot before Miss C was born, I was keen to keep it up. Alright, obviously not to the extent of last year but I didn’t want her to hate being in the car, plane etc. finally her passport arrived so we decided to bring her home to Ireland to be christened!

Ah how lovely! Yes in theory! Don’t get me wrong now were here its fab but if I’m honest we’ve had the most supremely crappy day!

Traveling with children under 3 could be used as form as punishment or deterrent for teenage pregnancy, trust me if they had the flight we had today, they’d never have sex!

The trouble started with trying to figure out the newborn insert for the Ergo baby, it was like being on the parenting krypton factor! Full on domestics over a baby carrier while the toddler is screaming from the buggy for “snuggy & na” of course then were at the furthest departure gate, one 40 mile trek later we get to the gate to find out we’re delayed! Que one baby melt down!

We finally get on the plane, Miss C goes to sleep, and breath…………………..LPV kicks off, “back house daddy, back house” Umm sorry dude were kind of stuck! Que one toddler melt down, which involves daddy’s glasses going flying!

Finally we calm down the toddler & the baby wakes up! Takes a feed, so I finally think she’ll sleep, Oh mammy your sadly mistaken! The two of them had obviously plotted against us to make this the flight from hell!

The plane lands, the passengers depart, apart from us who have to crawl between plane seats to search for the AWOL arm of daddy’s glasses. Two flight attendants entertain and hold our kids the other joins us on the floor!

We finally get through passport control, get our bags and get home!

There you have it, a trip not for the faint hearted & guess what? We get to do it all again on Tuesday night!


Some to endure the hell of toddler/baby travel

No wages, no perks!
guaranteed to age you!


The calm before the storm

2 thoughts on “Terrible travel

  1. The Real Mummy says:

    I’ve only travelled once with Shy when she was 9 months on a complicated journey to Devon (2 trains and a coach because of ill times flooding). I would dread to travel with her walking talking tantrum throwing self now LOL. May the Gods be with you!

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