St Patricks day curse

St Patricks day, The Craic, few pints, hangover!! Thats what its all about isn’t. Thats what it used to be about anyway, however you’ve two little sprogits the only craic you want is something to get you through an episode of Mister maker!!

As we are taking Miss C back to th homeland to be christened in April we were summoned to our local church for Kindviering “a children’s celebration” so the priest could allow us to get her christened, I know it’s ridiculous! Anyway it’s started off well, until LPV got ants in his pants and wanted to walk around, at this point I have to say we had attended a service that was completely in Dutch and considering I end up tell a waitress that I AM coffee not I want coffee, you can imagine there wasn’t an awful lot to be understood.
Any good catholic will tell you about the old “peace be with you” section of mass, if I’m honest I hate this part, it gives me the giggles. I alway remember my uncle who instead of saying peace be with you wished everyone a Merry Christmas.
EPD had taken LPV for a stroll around church and left me on my own to deal with the Dutch service. Blah blah, and a Dutch dude goes to shake my hand……with a vacant look on my face I practically shout “oh right, peace be with you”. Everyone stares and I curse EPD for leaving me.
Mass comes to an end and before we leave we say goodbye like good little church folk, the priest tells us it was nice to meet us and proceeded to tell us a story that terrified me to my core.

Priest: Happy St Patricks day
Us: Thank you Fr
Priest: You remind me of another couple I met on St Patricks a few yrs ago
Us: Really
Priest: Yes, they were English speakers, he was English, she was Scottish. Lovely couple, however he was murdered in a park over there *points in the direction of our house*
Us: *awkward smiles on outside, shits self on the inside*
Priest: you’ll be fine tho

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the tactless, blunt matter if fact way of the Dutch, however if I didn’t look back on this conversation and laugh, I’d be crying hysterically.

Anyway I’m off to check all the doors are locked so we don’t become a case load for CSI Haarlem, how did your St Pats go?


3 thoughts on “St Patricks day curse

  1. Ziga says:

    haha…awesome article…sorry but its funny…”shit self on the inside” 🙂 Hope its all good now and that park is not to scary 🙂

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