They say

They say alot don’t they, it seems THEY always have an opinion. But who are THEY exactly!!

They tell you not to bottle feed while your breast feeding because it causes confusion, then the tell you to try a bottle to share the feeding with your partner.

They say you shouldn’t do sleep training until 12 weeks, then they tell you to get a routine straight away.

They tell not to swaddle your baby, then they tell you they feel more secure when swaddled.

But it not just with baby advice, THEY have an opinion on what you wear, eat, how you exercise.

They say you shouldn’t eat carbs after 6pm, don’t eat fruit late at night, don’t blend/puree your fruit. Don’t feed Gismo after midnight…… that was pretty good advice as I recall.

Its come to mind that I think THEY should mind their own buisness!! And won’t don’t they show their faces eh? Are THEY worried about all this “useful” advice that they’ve circulated around the globe.

Then there’s the equally ridiculous group of THEY, who come with, THEY say you shouldn’t put new shoes on the table…(I freak out I have to admit)

Salute Magpies (guilty of this too)

Not to walk under laders (guilty….oh crap I think I have a problem)

So what have THEY told you to do???


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