Do you what? I had a baby two weeks ago!!! Lol, im sure your all bored of my instagram, twitter & facebook photo’s of her!! I cant help it im too proud of my beautiful wee angel.

I wrote in a post just before the birth about how impressed I was with the care I was recieving here in Holland, I have to say that my birth experience was no exception. My beautiful wee girlie was born by elective section. We rocked on up to the hospital at 6:30 in the morning, were given a huge room, this made up for the lack of valet parking that we had in Dubai right to the entrance to the NICU.  I was really anxious especially as I knew that EPD would be there to hold my hand during the epidural. I got dressed or undressed into what has to have been the smallest hospital gown EVER, you know the type, cover you from the front but your arse hangs out for all to see, well not only did my arse hang out but it barely covered the baby’s fire escape so to speak!!

I had a catheter inserted, not a pleasant experience!! Blood taken, a venflon meant for a horse inserted and my infusions started. 8am on the dot I was being wheeled down to theatre/waiting area. EPD wasn’t allowed to come in at this point he had to wait until the theatre was ready then he was allowed in. It was the longest wait of our lives and I could feel myself wanting to cry anytime anyone was nice to me. The epidural was problem free and thankfully I didn’t have the awful electric shocks down my legs like last time. I was quite grateful as I didn’t was to shout obscenities at the staff. EPD joined me and………….slice!!

The whole operation seemed to take longer this time, I’d given EPD strict instructions to follow that baby regardless of what was happening to me, good or bad. i was quite proud of him this time, he cut the cord and was still vertical after doing so. It was a bit of bloody mess so to speak, apparently I’d lost a lot of blood, most of it was all over the surgeons shoes!! Well who wears white shoes to theatre eh? My bladder was attached to my uterus so they had to detach it which took ages. Finally I was stitched up and off to see my little girl, she was just so beautiful, however it was heartbreaking to me to see her on a drip, for her own good tho and she was being well cared for.

Anyway after 4 days in hospital we’re home, sleep deprived beyond belief, smelling of sour milk as my wee angel likes me to be stinky milky mammy instead of yummy mammy. Her big bro is terrified of her but is being very caring towards her, he hasn’t wanted his photo taken with her, I’m not pushing him into anything, I’d rather her just pays her positive attention at his own pace.

So there’s my little update for now, I’m going to try nd stay on top of this blog but I can’t promise anything!!!!!

Not to brag but I am, we’ve been nominated for best travel blog in the MADS award, please feel free to vote for us.xxxx
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