Balloon baby

It’s no secret that I wasn’t really enthused about having a baby here in Holland, I wanted my old OBGYN Dr Joza and my fabulous midwife Deb to be around to make me feel at ease and relaxed. Expat daddy simply refused to fly either of them over or let me go back to Dubai to have bubs number two, which I thought was quite unreasonable to be honest 😉

However being able to experience yet another healthcare system in the world has opened my eyes further and well actually it’s pretty good here. They are a bit tree huggy here but then I find a lot of parents are too, they wont give gas and air due to the fact it affects their nurses, and up until about 3 years ago it was illegal to have an epidural without a section.

I have to be honest tho, credit where credit is due I have so far had superb care given to me from the OBGYN team at my hospital, my diabetes team on the other hand……….ash tray on a motorbike is all im going to say.

All systems are different, if I was in Dubai id say this baby would have been out by now, and any test I wanted done would have been carried out and totaled on my huge hospital bill. Id say in the UK I probably wouldn’t have had half the scans (although this is clearly speculation on my part, I have absolutely no experience of having a child personally in the UK. Only passing out as a student nurse at the birth of 27 weeker at 4am in the morning).

Here again a different story, they refused me a GTT stating that the procedure was dated, not once have I been weighed, or have I given a urine sample. This did worry me somewhat in the beginning, however they are healthcare professionals the clue is in the title “care” they do care but in their own special dutch way.

Anyway soon not giving away secrets I’m going to be induced, via a balloon. Now Im not talking about a giant farking “stork its a boy balloon”. More like a catheter balloon, inserted into my nether regions to encourage natural labour. Strange but true, I am a little worried that I will resemble one of those lovely ladies of the night that can make balloon animals with their…..cough, erm, foofer!!

It’s an anxious time, which wouldn’t change wherever I the world I was, selfishly I want this baby out now, I want to be a better wife and mother, be able to play with my son on the floor without it taking me an hour to get up. I guess it’s just a waiting game.

Wish me luck, oh and Ps I will be taking requests for balloon animals soon!!
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