That’s 12 months in blog years

So the lovely WordPress sent me a review of my blog from 2012, not to shabby stats and visitors from all over the shop! I was quite impressed, I do however have to say some thank you’s firstly to everyone who visited, liked posts, commented on posts and took time to read them.
My 5 top commenters are the lovely mumofthreeboys, Msxpat, jbmumofone, thoughtsfromthekitchensink, notmyyearoff. Oh and not forgetting my mammy!
So thank you ladies I appreciate the support.

So as it’s new year I thought I’d join in with a lovely idea from Yellowdays and linky up good and proper with my my 2012 in posts.


So we just moved into our new house, LPV decided that he really didn’t like the bedroom we had put him. So the fact there was ALOT of bedroom movements was an understatement to say the least


Thank goodness LPV is now at the stage where he can recognise his own daddy and not some random baldy in the street. Utter embarrassment in Feb 2012 who’s yer daddy


So Mother’s Day a special day for all mothers to be spoilt, unless your flying with a toddler and catching fire in restaurants. Just a simple Mother’s Day


This was the month I got to showcase my superb art work on paint, Daddy left us alone this month to be eaten by Stuart little, baths with clothes on and Chocolate hob nobs in Daddy left


The small things we appreciate as expats such as amazon, what weird stuff have you received through the post? Love a good package


This month saw my little baby turn 2years old, I couldn’t believe I was a mother of a two year old. Thus the start of the terrible twos and the end of the world as we know it. Anyhow all tantrums aside he still makes me smile everyday. An ode to my two year old


Delighted to announce to the world that were pregnant, the joys of trying to get into a foreign system without the lingo, Zwanger shares it all


Not a lot of choice from August as morning sickness put pay to blogging most days, so here’s more of trying to fit in with a new pregnancy system with the hormones on overdrive
Sensitivity & withdrawal


Tourist stereotypes, the world is full of them, here’s my take on a few, I really enjoyed writing this one, especially as it was written in the car driving through the beautiful Italian countryside.
The tourist


Slide traffic jam, a breif yet eventful post of LPV’s phobia of slides, however he could of discovered it without the traffic jam of Dutch kids behind him


Fake was not a happy post at all, however I had to write it, just to let everyone know about the scum bags selling fake Ergobaby carriers. It arrived in the the end but on examination and comparison to a friends it’s definitely a fake. Still spitting chips!!


Staying home for Christmas , after illness and hospital admissions we got to spend our first family Christmas at home. Tantrums, tinsel and train rides, it’s all there in black and white err, blue actually
So there it is my 2012 in posts, some happy, sad or creative. Enjoy guys!

Yellow Days

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