Well I should be a hell of a lot more prepared than I actually am, so far LPV’s gender neutral clothes have been washed and ironed and I’ve managed to get the mosses basket, pram attachment and car seat down from the loft.
Baby’s room looks like a clothes bomb exploded in there, I can’t set up the nursery until LPV’s bed arrives. I remember being a lot more organized with LPV although when he did decide to come 5 weeks early we hadn’t done all the things we wanted to do.

This time it’s more strategy planning to be done, like what in gods name will we do with LPV in the middle of the night. Should I pack an emergency trunki just in case.

Truth be told we had a hospital appointment today that has terrified the bejaysus out of me, I was under the impression that I was going for a tour of the delivery ward. What we got was just a visit to the nurse, blood pressure check & bubs heartbeat monitored and a nice little “chat” about labour!

Why oh why, after all these year of modern medicine have they not developed a way to give birth with feeling like you will be scooping up your womb when you walk for the rest of your life. It was pretty standard chat, bit upsetting at times as its likely my precious package will have to spend some time in Neonatal intensive care. It’s so different to last time in ways, LPV had Everyman & his dog at his birth, so when I asked if the paedatrician would be present she looked a little shocked.
Ummmm NO is the answer I got. So far I think the plan is normal delivery, I love how they call you squeezing something out of your bits “normal” like you do it every farking day.
So a major question I wanted to ask about is episiotomy, I was really proud of EPD at LPVs section that he managed to stay vertical the whole time. However I’m not sure how it will pan out with the “normal” as I could see his colour draining and arse twitching as the nurse and I discussed rupturing to the anus. Not one of my favourite conversations I may add too.

So this weekend I will be getting my arse into gear before its ruptured of course packing a hospital bag, including €2 coins for a wheel chair, I actually may just steel a shopping trolley to be pushed in as they’re on 50cent. Packing a trunki for LPV and groveling to the neighbour and a couple of friends to be our emergency back until the cavalry arrives in the form of a family member.

Arrrrrrragh, I’m having a baby! Faaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrkkkk!


One thought on “Preparation

  1. L Hunt says:

    Crossing fingers that Baby V stays in a bit longer than LPV and everything shocks you and goes really well. Not to mention a very quick labour, once at the hospital of course and not at home! OMG you have to pay €2 for a wheelchair??!!??!!

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