Well Happy New Year one and all. Hope your had a good one, last night was the first New Years that family expat spent alone. Our first New Years in Holland was one of you have to experience it to believe it. Fireworks, this nation is obsessed with fireworks, they’re legally only allowed to let them off once a year so yesterday between the hours of 10am and 02:00am this quiet little quaint city we live in sounded like London in the blitz! Admittedly those who saved they’re displays until midnight were beautiful and was lovely to see, however hearing them ALL day and seeing children throwing them at each other did my head in, so this will lead me into my first resolution…………….

* I will never spend another New Years here, not because I dislike it here, just because I’m over fireworks and I missed spending time with Friends. Staying in is grand but thank goodness next new year I won’t be drinking tea with my 2 digestive sugar allowance………………………

* I will eat cake until its coming out of my ears, after this baby is born of course, and as I clearly do not have a metabolism like Victoria Beckham it won’t be able to keep it up all year.

* Have a baby, clearly this is a superb choice as I’m clearly going to have to push out this bub at some point, definitely one that will be achieved

* This one will clearly be a work in progress but I’m finally going to get my body the way that I want it, I couldn’t give a fats rats bum about what the scales will say, I’m going to base it on my self confidence and how I feel in my skin. Those of you who know how many times I used to get on the scales in one day will know this is a biggy.

* Photos, photos, photos, I’m going to take some time for myself even if its once a month, me and my camera and my new Christmas presents are going to practice til we make perfect. So clearly Mr Bailey it’s time for you to step aside.

* This will be the year that I’ll say goodbye to Crazy for good!!! Now it will probably be towards the end of the year as I’m clearly becoming a mother of two at the beginning and I anticipate they will be plenty of crazy going on in the expat house. I’m going to try tho, I’ve learnt a lot, it doesn’t matter if your not out of the house everyday, whatever the impression others give off you really have know idea what’s going on. So I’m not going to put the pressure on myself this time.

* I’m going to make a meringue, no biggy for some but given the fact over bake the arse out of everything, it will be a challenge.

*Again work in progress but I’m going to be a better Mammy and handle these farking terrible two better with lots of alcohol. I wanna get a better balance of good cop bad cop and pick my battles! You will not win terrible two’s.

There are loads more I want to make but I think the above will keep me busy for now and given there are so many achieving the body one may be easier as I’m clearly not going to have time to eat anyway!

What will yours be???


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