A time for reflection

So how has my year been………………………………………?? Well we moved into a home with stairs and to be honest I’m still not used to them,  when I reach the top of the house I sound like I’ve been smoking 20 B&H. It’s involved a lot of bulk buying in Mackro, on the plus side we’ve never ran out of loo roll or dishwasher tablets.

It’s really hard to summarise, so I think I’m going to use sub headings so lets start with part of what this blog is about……………………….


My wee man has proved how adaptable he is and I’m in awe of him as always, not only did he move into new surrounding this year, he’s picked up the Dutch language with ease. He started daycare and although he cries I know he’s happy there. He turned two years old, I can’t believe it. Played in the snow for the first time, thrown some humdingers of tantrums, stopped eating, started eating, stopped eating again. Drawn a circle, counts to 20, discovered a love of chocolate and announced he’s wanting a big brother. so so much I wouldn’t want to bore you.


So my year in travel, so here goes,

United Kingdom, Finland, UK, Jordan, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Dubai, UK, Germany!!  We’ve flown on the A380 and although it didn’t change my life the leg room was nice!!

Family & friends

This year I’ve been blessed sorry we’ve been blessed, we are expecting our 2nd little V who should shortly arrive and turn our lives upside down in February.

We’ve had lots of fabby visitors who all got to experience Ansterdam sex museum, Yes I know how to entertain!!!  We’ve been so lucky to spend time with our families as much as we have.It broke my heart to leave  The friends I left behind in Dubai, however lady luck and fate were on my side as I got to spend time with ALL of them.

I joined a running and never ran once, I’ve met some great friends here in Cloggland and at last I have the nice neighbours I’ve longed for since EPD brought our house in Cardiff.

Close friends have had beautiful babies, some I see grow everyday others I see grow via facebook, twitter & instagram I love that I can still be part of their lives.


I’ve gone from only recognising wine bottle labels to doing my whole weekly food shop online, I’m learning dutch very badly & very slowly. I’ve completely embraced the biking culture and love my bakfiets. Although when it’s served it resembles a turd on a plate I’ve tried a Kroket broodje (Croquet sandwich), bitterballen and discovered a very good appreciation for pannenkoeken. I’ve got steamed out of my head on way too much Belgian beer. As a family have discovered a love for the outdoors and love to get out & about at the weekends, whether being sandblasted at the beach in winter, spending time at the lake in Summer. I still avoid driving at all costs but maybe that’s something I can work on next year!



When I started is blog I never for one second thought Id keep up writing it or that anyone would read it. But they did and I am glad I did, as this year since my pride and joy get nominated for 3 awards. It actually made the final 8 in the Britmums awards too. Lets hope I can keep it up next year and who knows……………………………….


So Happy New Year, one and all. Hope 2013 is good to you, as these days i could fall asleep on a washing line I can foresee me sleeping through the midnight celebrations so have a wee drinkie for me.xx



8 thoughts on “A time for reflection

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    Happy New Year!! I think you e done amazingly well with your Dutch, that’s some very fast learning!! I’m still trying to learn punjabi 3 years on so I can communicate with my mil properly!! You’ve been to so many places in just the one year, I’ve always wanted to fly on the A380. Maybe one day! 🙂 Hope the new year brings everything you desire and need and it’s even better than 2012!! 🙂

  2. takingcandyfromababy says:

    It seems to me you have had an AMAZING year! I’m slightly jealous of your new living arrangements (in house with stairs and counrty) as I trudge through parenthood in a California suburban cut-out box. May 2013 bring you as much adventure, joy and challenge as 2012.

    Hugs from the Candy Jar

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