3 holes and a massage

I’m no stranger to a good massage, I spent years as my sisters guinea pig whilst she was training, now she spoils me with treatments whenever I go home.

One of the worse massages I’ve ever had was on the each in Malaysia where the evil being masseuse contorted me into shapes that I’ve only ever seen come out of a bag of quavers!

Anyhow for hosting the expat Christmas party at my house I was given a voucher for a preggo massage. The therapist had an adaptable table which made room for your bump and bangers.
I was slightly concerned that the banger holes wouldn’t be big enough for my weapons but it was fab.

Wee Vaughan Beag had a lovely space to kick around in while mammy felt so relaxed I’m sure I woke myself up snoring at one point. It was heaven to go into Christmas so relaxed, of course it didn’t stay that long as I have a toddler and a poorly sick one at that, not to mention I was cooking my very first Christmas dinner.
So if you live in Amsterdam and are looking for pregnancy massage check out this link


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