I am bored, bored out of my skull, I’m in hospital you see and my lack of Dutch communication skills is stopping me from having a good old chin wag with the preggo lady next to me,
that and the fact she’s throwing up every 5 minutes.

I’ve had a lot of pain recently and yesterday it got progressively worse twinned with me bar thing all night long, not a pretty picture, certainly not when you’ve absolutely crap pelvic floors too.
I was admitted this morning just for monitoring, bubs was grand and kicking away, scan was good.
So I was discharge, as I was here I thought I’d pop to the pharmacy to get some more insulin. It was here it went Pete tong, I felt a bit hot bit dizzy so I left to get some air. BLANK!

The next thing I’m surrounded by a group of Dutch people “mevrouw, mevrouw are you ok” or Dutch words to that effect. I’m fine I say, looking at them like I’d just left the pub. The next thing I’m being wheeled to A&E, I did a full circuit of the hospital today, I get handed a cup of Vla, which is Dutch custard and told not to go to to sleep. I wanted to sleep I could of slept forever!

EPD turns up with a poorly LPV, we were only there last night with him due to raging temps, “poor Mammy, poor Mammy” he’s saying as when I saw them I burst into tears. My poor husband he’s been up and down to this hospital like a blue as fly.

It quite intimidating being in foreign hospital, I know I live here but it’s scary, I don’t speak the language, I don’t get their bedside manner, although I cannot fault the care and attention I’ve had today, but it makes me realize how much we all take the beloved NHS for granted.

Yes it’s battered and bruised but its there still going strong for you, and it has been for years. You moan, however if you seen behind the scenes for one day, the exhausted nurse, that hasn’t peed’d or eaten all day, ok your ward needs sweeping but spare a thought the cleaner she/he has probably got about 7 or 8 to clean due to cut backs.
The system here is ran on insurance, which is good in a sense too, I think sometimes it would benefit the UK too.

However it’s not until something like this happens you realize how hard the life is you choose, no one to mind the wee man so hubs can’t stay with me, family frustrated and worried as they’re not here. Then you have the gems of friends that drop off a lasagne on your door step so your not stressed about what’s going on at home.

Still I have 4 more sleeps until my parents and Aunty arrive for Christmas, I’m not sure if we’ll have a turkey mind you we were supposed to pick it up today!!


4 thoughts on “Hospital

  1. mumofthreeboys says:

    Honey, hope your ok!
    Take care of yourself and rest. I think health care run on insurance over here may well be a good idea too, they may not get so overpacked. Nurses and doctors have such a hard and tiring job.
    Hope your both ok, I may not be there but sending you well wishes from miles away x x

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