Just a bit busy

Again with sincere apologies I have neglected you my dear dear blog. As you guessed or read we’ve been travelling just a wee bit over the last 4 weeks, Dubai, Centre Parcs Longleat, back to Dubai for EPD and two weeks in sunny brissle with the folks for LPV and myself.

I do love a bit of traveling but at the moment, if never see those suitcases again it will be too soon. Its tiring and even more tiring being preggers too. I do love the excitement of airports and I do tend to get itchy feet if we haven’t been somewhere for a wee while. It’s a privilege we have in life that I cherish a lot. However Man is it good to be back in one place and just stand still for a while. We’ve arrived back into the Netherlands to regular snow fall which is making the run up to our first family Christmas in our own place all that bit more exciting to plan and experience. We have a first REAL family tree, which took my time to choose than my wedding dress.  It just about fit in the  car so we didn’t have a Griswold family moment on the way home from Praxis (Hollands answer to B&Q).

Granny’s homemade Christmas pudding arrived on the doorstep today all the way from Ireland so EPD won’t have a pouty face having missed his favourite dessert, I’m so excited I feel like going to buy a job lot of reindeer jumpers for us all to wear on Christmas………I’m sure my folks & Aunt will appreciate that when they arrive next week!!

Pregnancy wise I’m struggling, I’m in a lot of pain with is apparently the baby’s position, so this post will be short and sweet as I can’t stay in one position too long, anyhoo I will be back soon with news of an exciting competition!!!!

Here’s a few wee photo’s of our adventures of late!!

bnbnbn 189 bnbnbn 005 bnbnbn 043 bnbnbn 106


ttt 116


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