Pro & cons

So being back in the sandpit has really got me thinking!
A friend made a comment the other asking if I had realised all the things that annoyed us while we were here.

I’m not sure about annoyed, I think that living here you have to except that your life is a certain way and you shouldn’t fight it just embrace it and get on with it. It’s a bubble you see, you can see out when you want as long as you don’t loose you grip on the real world completely! I found that being back made me realise that if you don’t embrace the bubble you’ll never appreciate for what it is……life of a certain standard that you’ll never have anywhere else. We didn’t embrace the bubble and we left.

However there are pro’s and cons to every situation.

So here’s my pro’s about us leaving

• Closer to our families
• Fresher air, no sandy smog
• The seasons, love seeing LPV’s face when he’s running in the woods
• We now are in a position geographically to have family holidays aswell as using all our spare time and money to go “home”
• No slave culture, having to watch poor girls/women run around being treated terrible by people who think just cos the y have money they can do whatever

The Cons

• Leaving behind mine and LPV’s buddies
• Not feeling 100% comfortable in my surroundings
• Language barrier
• The weather
• Bloody god awful shopping!!
• No where to get my eyebrows threaded
• My Friends
• My Friends
• My Friends

I know we’ve been back a while now but this post has been in draft for yonks. I’ve been away from home for 4 weeks now and I have to be perfectly honest. I’ve missed our house and my buddies in Holland. I’m looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality, whatever that may be!


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