Well I haven’t blogged for a wee while, and its with a heavy heart I blog today, as it wont be a whitty funny outstandingly brilliant post as normal. It will however be a post probably filled with swear words but with a warning to all parents out there.

I’m completely and utterly embarrassed to write this but I’m sooooooooo farking mad I have to tell the world. I been stung not by a bee or wasp  but by the internet. I’ve been stung for a counterfeit Ergobaby carrier, well at least I think I have. The money has been taken from account so now I’m waiting for the item in question to be delivered to find out for sure but the more I  look into this subject, look at the website and speak to trading standards the less chipper I feel about the farking situation. It genuienely look like a legit website, with McAffee security badge, but I guess in this day and age does poop.

You know when your just so mad you could cry, that’s me right now, I’m not the first person and I know I’m not the last but arrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh, you utter utter gits!! Thank god I don’t live in Dubai at the moment cos If I went to Karama (the genuine fake market) I would probably rocket launch myself at somebody.

It could arrive in pristine condition, no problem with stitching or fasteners but it was the info I read that stated counterfeit carriers contain harmful chemicals to the baby. Could be a load of bull, could be scare mongering but would you take that chance???? All I know is that these counterfeit selling gobshites have now screwed my poor baby out of a decent carrier as EPD has refused to buy another ERGO.

I wanted this carrier, I really did, it didn’t look too complex to put on, I liked the fact you could wear the baby on your hip. I’m gutted I’m truly gutted.

I wont mention the site I got it from all I will do is offer you this list………………….the shite bags in question are amongst them.

Shop safe my friends

*breaks down in a heap, why god why???*



5 thoughts on “Fake

  1. birminghambell says:

    I would file a fraudulent charge claim with the card you used!!! In the states if you say you never received your item, the bank or credit card company will refund your payment and take it back from that company! Don’t let them screw you, screw them back! Well, really just unscrew yourself I guess. 🙂 Sorry, I know you’d like to stab them right now.

  2. Dan says:

    This is so annoying, I am hating this!! I’ve been there once, I bought the sexiest skirt ever, I was so thrilled and I couldn’t wait for the mailer to bring it, but here comes the deception… All I can do now is “Live with it”

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