Screw the fish!!

So we extended our trip to Dubai, which is fab as it means I get to spend more time eating cheesecake catching up with my gorgeous friends. However it’s means more time stuck in a hotel room with a demonic two yr old. Dora the explorer has saved my arse this week as much as it pains me to say it. LPV quite enjoys watching, I suppose it’s better the “That pig”.
Anyhow I met a friend this morning at the Dubai Mall we decided to take the boys to the aquarium. I was talking about to LPV who seemed rather excited about going to see the fish. However watching me chase him around, act as poor J’s bodyguard, strap him in the buggy when I didn’t stop him hitting J in time, screaming cos he’s strapped in the buggy, negotiating not to his friends, get him out, he hits again……….see the pattern forming here. Screw the fish mammy I’ll just terrorise my friends.
WHY, why is he doing this? Yesterday he played with Jack with no problems they had great fun. Today he was the devil in a ramones tshirt . It’s lucky that I feel so comfortable with my friends here, they understand, some have gone through it, others haven’t. I’m starting to not want to socialise with anyone while back at home due to the hitting. Typically too everyone else’s child is a farking angel up to mine it would seem and all play “beautifully” together.

What would you do? Are you experiencing this? Is it because I’m pregnant? Is the daycare? Am I a crap mammy? Who knows…..It’s starting to really upset me now

4 thoughts on “Screw the fish!!

  1. MsXpat says:

    SNAP! I am going through that at the moment with my son. He turned 2 yesterday but for the last three weeks he’s been hitting and shoving his little playmate who he used to play so well with. I even contemplated taking out of day care thinking perhaps he’s picked it up there, but I’m attending a parenting course of sorts and they say its natural. However, I have to tell use my voice to let him know its not acceptable and keep repeating, it will sink in. Now that’s hard especially when you are heavily pregnant and have had a long day but I guess that’s all you can do. Some parents will say use the thinking step, I have not yet decided if I want to introduce that to my son.

    One think my son’s lil mates mum noticed this weekend while I was preparing lunch is that my son does not like being ignored. While he son likes being with mine, her son is more into parallel or solo playing and my son loves being played WITH. I’ve always said that my boy loves being having lots of attention, He’s very social. I’ve noticed he’s at his best when he’s one to one attention from playmates and/or visitors to our home. Can this be the same for you son? Observe and see if you find the ‘trigger’. Is hard I know but once you find it its like a light has been switched on and your back to gushing over your little precious darling :0)

    • Expat Mammy says:

      He’s really social with adults, he seems to be a home body lately, he always asks to go “home” while we’re out. He just wants it to be the three of us at the moment. I’m trying to tell him stop when he does and really over the top praising his sharing/good behaviour.

  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    Hope you’re having an amazing time in Dubai. I think it’s a phase, z is going through one where he smacks us in the face and then bursts into tears when we tell him off.

  3. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    Hi hun, my youngest is about to turn 2 and he’s just discovered hitting ! he’s my 6th and the first one to ever do this ! one of his cousin’s was a biter mind (which is possibly a bit worse as she’d really bite other children hard !). At the minute it’s only us he’s tried it out on & almost the minute he does it he say’s ‘ so sorry mummy’. I do think it’s just one of those things some children go through and other’s don’t. Easy for me to say he’ll come through it as I know going through it is no fun, but he will and you certainly haven’t done anything wrong. I blame the terrible two’s…and if it’s any consolation one of my daughters had the most god awful terrible two’s, three’s and four’s ever but is 13 now and a very good girl I’m incredibly proud of 😉 xxx

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