“What shall we do tomorrow?” “let’s go to Dubai ” “ok”……………….Alright so it didn’t quite go like that but it was near enough. Let’s paint you a picture of last week, EPD was in Luxemborg on a jolly business trip. My wee man was an angel but I have to say at 24wks preggers being a single parent is ruddy hard work, we decided when he got home on the Friday evening that we’d have a quiet family weekend.
Chillin on a Saturday night, then the bomb comes, “I’ve to go to Dubai to help out with some problems” WHAT!!!!!!! Your only just back, or words to that effect! Me being the absolute model wife I agree and call my mammy to come keep me company,there was NO way I was going to spend another week on my Todd . No luck from my Mam, no luck from my mother inlaw. Flights to to Bristol last minute were €630!!! Now I love my home town but I’m certainly not paying that much to witness chavs shopping in the pyjamas at ASDA.

I look up flights to Dubai, can you believe it they were cheaper!! “well that’s settled then I’m going with you” 16 hours later I’m at Amsterdam airport checking in for a flight to Dubai, praying I don’t have any traces of whackybacky on the soles of my shoes, we live around the corner from a……..err……coffee shop! And Dubai have put people in prison for far less.

Thankful my shoes were drug free and LPV and I have had a lovely day meeting up with friends, albeit a slightly jet lagged/tired/grumpy LPV!!!!

It’s so weird, a sense of relaxation just washed over me, whilst being sat in the passengers seat of V’s 4×4, driving down Sheikh Zayed road. Bare in mind this is a crazier than crazy 7 lane highway. I’m gutted I’ve forgotten my drivers license as I’m itching to drive here. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve driven in Holland. I know I’m only here for a week and it’s great fun catching up with friends but I miss it, I really do.

I say all this to EPD tonight… “well I’m glad your relaxed as I’ve felt my blood pressure rise the moment I got here”

I wonder if we’ll ever live a place we both agree on………..

I’m sure more sandpit tales will follow this week.


5 thoughts on “Spontaneous

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Think you might be there Missy……..USA! USA,USA. Wish you were here too Hun, doesn’t seem right without you.xx

    • Expat Mammy says:

      So far nothing but….oh actually the smoggy air. We’re out and about tomorrow so I’m sure a few things will come back to me

  1. farfromhomemama says:

    Hope you have a brilliant time. At 29 weeks pregnant and home alone with a 2 year old, I fully agree … it’s bloody hard work. I’d of been on that plane to Dubai like a shot x

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