Under the pile

I am coming to you from underneath the debacle I call my ironing pile. Now maybe I’m just the exception but I really struggle to stay on top of my laundry here in Holland. I think it’s a psychological thing, you see in Holland, the farking washing Machine is upstairs, in the loft or in the upstairs bathroom when it comes to our house. WHY? DUTCH PEOPLE, WHY? It absolutely makes no sense whatsoever, when the washing line is in the Garden.  At the moment being preggo its takes every ounce of my energy to climb one flight of stairs, let alone two with a pile of washing in hand, not to mention my stairs are like mount Everest!!

It’s not just really the ironing that’s getting on top of me, I seem to be struggling with motherhood, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, LPV is 2 and is good at it. It’s not that he has tantrums but he’s in whingeing mode at the moment and I’m trying to break the addiction he has with our iphones and ipad. They’re all educational things he plays but still, it’s too much. I’m really worried about him to, he’s been under the weather for a while, he’s off his food, and tonight he climbed into bed with his clothes on. That’s not my beautiful boy but you know full well, you’ll get told to BOG OFF out the surgery if I go in and say “he’s just not right”, the Dutch system is very similar to the UK in that way, unless you’ve cut your head off you get told to cycle home. I really miss Dubai in this situation, my peadiatrician would have seen us whether he thought I was being ridiculous or not.

It’s times like these that really affect the settling process, you feel you’re getting somewhere then you end up taking 10 steps back. Maybe its me dragging him down, my energy levels are non existent and these bloody sugars are making me a right miserable moo. Today we went for a walk in the woods and then for a pinky ponk juice and coffee, Pinky ponk juice is what LPV calls Fristi which like a dutch yoghurt/milkshake thing. We were sat there and I just could have cried, the preconception that some have that my life is one big luxury cos I don’t work is so far left field. The fact is I miss working but I miss having the luxury of being able to drop in on my big sis and my Mam whenever I feel like it. I think its cos I’ve NEVER had that luxury, even when we were in the UK, to drop in would included a 60 mile round trip from Cardiff and farking daylight robbery on the tolls bridge. So how can you miss something you never had?? Stupid.

Anyway this was going to be one of those side splitting witty posts however its turned into a bit of an Eeyore, hasn’t it? so let’s take the mood up a notch. It would appear Moi has been nominated for another award from Expats blog  I was most surprised, especially as I have kind of neglected it over the past few months, lovely surprise all the same. So even thou your suitably depressed now, I have a favour to ask, can you pop over to the highlighted link and leave a comment for me, something nice, something constructive. If I win we’ll all head off on my private jet, sipping Pinky ponk juice and live the life we were all supposed to have. I just have to say at this point my private jet is of the plastic Fisher price kind so this is completely figurative you understand, just do it because you love me.xxx


4 thoughts on “Under the pile

  1. Valerie says:

    A two year old wanting to get to bed without even changing clothes (that’s what you meant, right?) sounds like he’s sick! Even my 8 year old doesn’t do that!! He is get-up-and-go until I MAKE him go to bed! I hope you feel better. I a lot of what you describe sounds like a combination of pregnancy and life with a two year old; when you put those two together, I am sure that equals stress! As with all things, it won’t last forever. 🙂 Oh! And I know the woes of blood sugar issues. Not fun. I struggle with lows on a regular basis. 😦

  2. knittymummy says:

    I heard someone complaining that in the UK the washing machines are downstairs because all the clothes are put away upstairs. It seems the only way to solve this problem is we all move our washing machines upstairs, but have some sort of pulley washing line (like American cartoon characters fall through between buildings) into our gardens out of an upstairs window. Could also double as a death slide for family fun!

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