Moment of clarity

Oh man I’m so pants with keeping up with this blog, it was something I loved like another child, I’d change it, make it look nice, now I have to blow cobwebs off it every time I post.

I do still love you blog I swear it do.

Anyhow, this week I’ve been missing Dubai, questioning whether we made the right decision to move, blah blah blah, the usual in head battle. The fact of the matter is I do think we’ve made the right decision, however it doesn’t stop me missing it, missing my friends, my favourite shops, being able to eat any type of cuisine right on your door step.

Just lately I’ve been finding expat life hard again, not really missing creature comfort or anything stupid like that. It goes without saying we miss our families, I miss my family when I moved to Cardiff for crying out loud. It’s just the struggle, the struggle of even with google chrome to translate my online shop never works out, getting my point across to post a parcel, at a hospital check up is hard, I’m burning calories like a mad woman with talking with my hands.

Mainly it’s the friends thing, I feel like I just don’t fit in anywhere, like I’m back at school. Ok I did hang out with the popular girls but I was there, didn’t have the right clothes, look etc. I feel like that again. Now I have met some gals who are exactly my type of person, however up until today I felt like even these friendships weren’t real. I had plans with a friend and to be exact I cancelled on her about 3am this morning after the 10th round of toddler bed tag with the demon toddler! The toddler has quite gracefully given me his lurgy so when he went to daycare I decided a day in bed was in order. I fall asleep, I’m woken by a knock at the door and there she is, an angel dressed in a north face jacket, with two cans of Heinz chicken soup and a carton of milk.

For me this puts so much into perspective why am I trying when I have friendships this easy on my door step.

So too my what’s app gals, I just want to say…. I love you, you make this place more


One thought on “Moment of clarity

  1. mumofthreeboys says:

    Life sometimes just gets in the way of our blogs doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter how long you are away I will always be here waiting for your next blog post 🙂

    Glad you have a friendship like that, they’re not easy to find x

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